About Mountain View Elementary School

Our Mission

The mission of Mountain View Elementary School, in cooperation with the community, is to provide a safe, positive environment where children build skills, knowledge, and character needed for lifelong learning.

We Believe

The school's foremost responsibility is the adaptation to the academic needs of the children. The intellectual, personal, social, physical, and moral development of each child is the main concern of our school. The child benefits when the parents and teachers work together. Children learn best in an environment that fosters positive self-esteem. Children need exposure to a variety of teaching methods and strategies. Each child benefits from punctual and regular attendance. Children deserve to be treated with respect. These are statements of the purpose and fundamental truths which form the foundation of Mountain View Elementary School's education system.

Our Shared Vision

Goal 1: Improve learning for all students

Goal 2: Continually assess learning for all students

Goal 3: Provide a safe and positive environment

Title IX/Sexual Harassment