Thomas E. Kerns Elementary - Title I Program

Parents Right To Know

Thomas E. Kerns Elementary is proud to be a Title I school.  We are a recipient of Title I federal funds.  All parents are invited to participate in the plan’s yearly development, may offer program recommendations, and may review the completed plan via our notebook in the front office or our school website.  Parents have the right to request information about qualifications of their child's teacher(s) and paraprofessional(s). This information is also listed on each teacher's individual website. 

2023-2024 Title I Plan

Title I Facilitator and Parent Involvement Coordinator

Title I Annual Meeting

Parent and Family Engagement Sessions 2023-2024

Materials for Parents to Check Out

2023-24 Testing Calendar

This year, at Thomas E. Kerns, one of our goal is to INCREASE PARENTAL PARTICIPATION.  The PTA, along with SIC (School Improvement Council), and the Title I Parent Involvement Coordinator, are joining efforts in ways to increase parental participation in our school.

Thank you for ALL you do for your children!

What is Title I??

For more information, please see any member of the office staff.

24 Hour Rule

The staff of Thomas E. Kerns Elementary responds to all written or oral parent concerns, problems, recommendations, or commendations related to the Title I school program within 24 hours or by the next school day, whichever comes first.  If needed or requested, school officials also inform parents or other interested parties of the issue’s disposition. All issues related to Title I compliance submitted by parents or other interested parties are filed with the principal and with the Federal Programs Office.

Family Friendly Standards

Building Readers



Helping Children Learn

GCS Title I webpage can be found below

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