treeOur Mission

To provide a short term educational setting, which offers instructional programs in a positive setting to address the behavioral, academic, and social needs of at-risk students, by using Core Knowledge Curriculum and direct instruction, where students are encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our vision is to create one of the most effective specialized programs which helps all of our students who have not succeeded in a traditional school, to improve and succeed academically and to go on to post-secondary education.


Values and beliefs are who we are, what we do, and how we think and feel. Our core beliefs are as follows:


  1. All students can learn.
  2. The academic program is the primary focus of the school.
  3. Students must take responsibility for their own learning.
  4. Students learn best in a safe, organized environment, nurtured by the principal, teachers and support staff.
  5. Educational experiences should encourage and enable students to learn to communicate effectively, solve problems and think critically and effectively.