chalkPrincipal's Welcome

The group homes program is a unique and special place in Greenville County Schools. It is home to a dedicated, hard-working staff that's passionate about helping students in residential placements be successful in life.

Over two hundred students in Greenville County Schools live in residential placements at any one time. In the course of a year, the number of group home students served exceeds 500. They range from early elementary-age students to high school seniors. Our program functions very much like a typical school, but with the individual classrooms scattered around the county as opposed to all in a single building.

It is my mission to make sure each of the students in our program succeeds in their education while here in Greenville County's group home program. They each have something unique to give back and much to learn as they study hard to become independent and productive members of our community.


- Larry Ertzberger