Assistant Principal


Welcome to Fountain Inn Elementary School

We are glad you are going to be with us!


Things You Need to Know.....

We are thankful to have the opportunity to work with your child and with you as parents. This is not an opportunity we take for granted. We are here as partners with you to help provide the best elementary school experience possible for all our boys and girls and their families.

Important Daily Information

Our doors open at 7:00am every day and we have adults on duty to provide supervision beginning at that time. For the safety of your child, do not leave them here if a school employee is not outside to provide supervision. If your child is going to eat breakfast, he/she will enter through the lunchroom door at the end of the front drop-off sidewalk.


We serve FREE Breakfast daily7:00am-7:35am.

The Front Office is open daily, 7:15am-3:45pm

Dismissal begins each day at 2:15pm.

The K/1 car loop closes at 7:45am daily. After that, all students must be dropped off in the front car line. Please do not drop off students from the parking lot. 



Students need to be in class and seated by 7:45am each day. If your child arrives after 7:45am, please accompany them to the office to sign them in for the day. Students need to remain in school all day unless this is impossible due to a conflict. If you are absent, please send in a written note that references the dates and reasons of the absences. This can either be a signed parent note or a note from a doctor.

Bus Information

All Kindergarten or 1st grade students must be met every afternoon at the stop by an adult with the appropriate/matching bus tag. Otherwise they will not be allowed off the bus. If no one is there, your child will be returned to the school. A parent will then be called to pick up the child.


Medication sent to school must be in the original container, be properly labeled and parent delivered (with the appropriate paperwork required) to one of our school nurses.

Additional information will be available during our Meet the Teacher session.

We are glad you and your family are here with us!


Jessica Preisig