Saturday, June 6, 2020
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 Whether to Delay, Close or Dismiss Early
Due to Inclement Weather


Because of our location in the foothills of South Carolina, we face    unpredictable and sometimes dangerous weather conditions during the  winter. The safety of students and staff is our primary concern when  deciding to delay, close or dismiss school early. District officials take  their responsibilities very seriously and utilize a comprehensive  decision-making process involving 25 staff members to ensure the  superintendent makes an informed decision.

Decisions are made as soon as possible so parents, students and  employees can be informed and make appropriate plans. If possible, a decision is made late afternoon or early evening for the following day. If a decision cannot be made at that time, then the next morning District officials begin the evaluation and decision-making process at 4:00 a.m.

ICE (Inclement Conditions Evaluation) Team members assigned to geographic areas across the county personally check road conditions and each school facility. Other staff members monitor weather conditions, forecasts, and temperatures across the district. They also discuss weather and other related conditions with meteorologists, the Highway Patrol, and utility companies.

Decisions to delay, close or dismiss early are district-wide. GCS is one school system covering 800 square miles and has many operational systems that work together for the good of the whole. It is difficult, if not impossible, to occasionally “untwine” these systems for a day or two considering the number of variables – 72,000 students, 47,000 households, 9,500 employees, and 100-plus school sites.

Inclement Weather

Below are a few reasons why decisions are district wide: