Brook Glenn History

Brook Glenn HistoryThe Greenville County School District voted in June of 1968 to build a new school at the intersection of East Lee Road and Brook Glenn Road. Plans were drawn by Tarleton and Tankersly for a school with ten classrooms, two team teaching areas, a library, cafetorium, health room, staff workroom, speech room, lounge, and office complex. Reece Construction Company began work at the 9.16 acre plot.

Brook Glenn HistoryIn August of 1968, the Brook Glenn student body shared facilities with Taylor's Elementary School, using nine classrooms and four portables. On March 3, 1969, the 350 students and teachers moved to the new school.

When school began in August of 1969, there were 452 students and 15 teachers, over-crowding the school. A class was held on stage and another in the library until the end of October when the "permanent portable" was added. Enrollment steadily increased until the eighties saw around 600 students. Then it began to decline. In 1997, there were about 390 students. For the 2000-2001 school year, enrollment is about 478 students.

Brook Glenn HistoryMrs. Helen M. Jordan was the first principal. Other principals have been Mr. Roy Greene, Mrs. Betty Payne, Mrs. Carole Phillips, Dr. Tom Sizemore, and principal, Mrs. Olivia Morris became an Assistant Superintendent for Closing the Gap in Elementary Schools. Mrs. Bernice Jackson retired in July 2023 after serving as principal of Brook Glenn for almost 20 years.  In July 2023, Mrs. Jordan O'Toole became Brook Glenn's principal.