Extended Day Program


Return the completed registration forms, programs guidelines, who will be allowed to pick up your child/children, medical information, non-refunded yearly registration
fee of $40 per family and one week’s payment. This must be submitted at registration to secure a spot.

A one-time a year, non-refundable registration fee of $40 per family will be required. If the child transfers to another school where a program exists, the
$40 fee must be paid again. Weekly fees apply for the program and are as follows:

# of Children Week Half Week Daily
1 $46 $29 $18
2 $74 $52 $29
3 $97 $75 $40
4 $122 $97 $52
5 $142 $120  $64

Extended Day Program
Note: Weekly fees are due regardless if they are absent for any reason.
*Half Week= 2 day week as determined by the school calendar. (ex. Thanksgiving week is considered Half Week) Parents may opt for their children to stay only 2 days per week; this would be considered Half Week rates. Inclement weather may cause a Half Week. In this case, the following week parents would be charged the reduced rate.