Berea Middle School Guidance Services

Access to the counselors at Berea Middle is open and inviting.  Students are assigned to a counselor based on grade level and/or last initial.  The counselors roll up with their students each year, thus ensuring that the students will have the same counselor during their three middle school years.  This allows both the counselor and student to develop a close relationship and gives the counselor the opportunity to get to know the student’s family more closely.

How can students get in to meet with a counselor?  

Individual Counseling: Individual counseling is provided for students in areas of personal and social need, educational and academic concerns, and career education. The counselors work to identify problems, causes, alternatives, and possible consequences so that appropriate decisions can be made and/or appropriate action can be taken.  During individual counseling sessions, problem-solving, coping, and social skills can be modeled by the counselor and practiced by the student.

Small Group Counseling:  Counselors provide small group counseling based on a student survey of interest and need.  The counselor will act as the group facilitator.  Topics might include:  peer mediation, boy-girl relationships, anger management, and/or attendance improvement.

Referral:  Upon request, counselors make referrals to appropriate community agencies.  These referral sources may include mental health agencies, Department of Social Services, and other human service agencies as deemed appropriate.

Crisis Counseling:  Support and short-term counseling are provided to students and their families facing crisis situations.  Appropriate community referrals are made when necessary.

Classroom Guidance Services