Our Principal



I am incredibly honored to be joining the AJ Whittenberg Community as principal. AJ Whittenberg has a strong reputation of student achievement grounded in meeting the needs of all students, a first in the state engineering program, and an emphasis on public-private partnerships that welcome a variety of engineering-focused and community-minded organizations into the school to support students and bring engineering to life. Excellent teachers have shaped me into the leader that I am today. Teachers that presented me with an engaging education, built relationships with my family, and always held me to high expectations are the foundation that my career is built upon. I am blessed to be joining AJ Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering to ensure that all students receive an excellent education.

I look forward to meeting everyone and if you have the chance to stop in and introduce yourself, please do so!

Preston Spratt


Email:  pspratt@greenville.k12.sc.us