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SC Ready Testing Dates

AJW Schedule

May 10&11 -ELA for 3rd-5th grade
May 16- Math 3rd-5th grade
May 18- Science 4th grade

GCSVP Schedule

May 10-11 ELA 3rd-5th grade 
May 23- Math 3rd-5th grade
May 24- Science 4th grade

Class Group Photo

Wednesday, February 1st is class group photo day.    Please be sure your students are wearing their uniforms for these photos.   Class photos are pre-order only and the forms will be coming home later this week.   To purchase just complete the form, enclose payment and return it to school on picture day.   Thank you for supporting AJW! 

ACCESS Testing Schedule


Date January 24 January 31 February 7 February 14 February 21 February 28 March 1 March 2-9
Location   Stem Lab 
8:00 - 9:20



4th and 5th 

(9 Students)


4th and 5th

(9 students)


4th and 5th 

(9 students)

All Tiers 

Writing 1st Tier B/C


4th and 5th 

Group 1 

5 Students

Speaking 2nd 

Tier B/C

Make Up Testing 

*Speaking 3rd Tier A 

9:30 - 10:50 K5

Listening 3rd 

(7 students)

Reading 3rd

(7 students)

Writing 1st 

Tier A

Speaking 4th and 5th

Group 2 

4 students

Speaking 2nd 

Tier A 

11:00 - 12:00  
12:00 - 2:15  

Listening 1st - 2nd

(7 students)

Reading 1st - 2nd 

(7 students)


2nd - 3rd B/C

Speaking 1st 

(3 students)

Speaking 3rd 

Tier B/C

Writing 2-3 

Tier A 


Yearbook Pre-Order

It's time to PRE-ORDER order your AJW 2022-2023 YEARBOOK. The cost is $20.00 until Thursday, March 30, 2023.  This is the only way to guarantee a book- pre-ordering is the way to go!!!  Starting Friday, March 31, 2023,  the cost will go up to $25.00 and we can not guarantee your child will receive a book.  A paper order form will be sent home on Monday, January 23, 2023 with more details.

Pre-Order Form 

Student Calendars Released for 2023-24 and 2024-25

Parent Newsletter

Be sure to check our newsletter for the week of January 23rd to stay up to date on what is happening here at AJW! 

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