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LEAP Week Registration

Parents, please register your student for LEAP at the link below if you would like them to attend:

LEAP Registration Form

Destination Return to School in Person School

Please take a minute to review the Greenville County Destination Return to School in Person Road Map.

Additional information-

1 – The School start date is August 24 for all students.
2 – Every student should know his/her color group and the days of in-person attendance when Attendance Plans 1 or 2 from the Roadmap are in effect.  Color groups were assigned based on the first letter of students’ last name (hyphenated last names were alphabetized by the first of the hyphenated names:  ex. Jones-Smith would be alphabetized under J)
3 – Under Attendance Plans 1 and 2, students are in-person the stated number of days and attending school virtually the other four or three, respectively.  Students will be expected to sign in and complete assignments on eLearning days.  Otherwise, they will be counted absent.
4 – Students need to pick up their Chromebooks before August 24 if at all possible.  This allows ALL students to start school on August 24, even if we are on Attendance Plan 1 and only ¼ of students are in-person that day.
5 – Parents will not be allowed to walk their children into the building this year.  Elementary schools/CDCs need to have a plan for helping reluctant students (especially 4K, 5K, and 1st graders) into the building in a manner that alleviates parent concerns (to the extent possible).
6 – All students are expected to wear a mask to school.  Though not required for 3K-1st grade and some students with disabilities, all students* will be encouraged to wear masks and trained.  *Anyone with a valid doctor’s note will be exempted, but they must have documentation.
7 – Elementary school starts at 7:45 this year!
8 – The sooner parents sign up for bus transportation the better.
9 – Parents should sign up for Backpack using a valid email address they check regularly.
10 – Parents need to screen their students every day for symptoms and keep them home if they are unwell (not give them fever-reducer and send them anyway). Additionally, students who have been directed to quarantine for any reason – including international travel – should not attend school until the quarantine is complete.

Important Events Schedule

2020-2021 Welcome Back!

We have combined a lot of important information for you in the links below! Please read the descriptions to help you get to the information you are looking for:
We have 2020 Vision at AJW! Check out this welcome video that includes some important information as we kick off the new school year: Welcome Video

Student color assignments are based on the FIRST letter of the child’s LAST name:
A-D= Blue Team
E-K= Red Team
L-Q= Green Team
R-Z= Purple Team
The GCS Roadmap to Return to School- this is the Greenville County School Site that houses all important information- Return To School
Register for your child’s optional LEAP Session here-   LEAP Registration

2020-2021 Supply Lists

The 2020-2021 supply lists are available.  Please note, some of the items may be hard to find.  If you cannot find something on the list, please let the teacher know and your teacher will work with you. 

Destination Return to School Fall 2020

Please take a minute and read the outline for the Greenville County Schools Re-Opening Plan in response to COVID-19.  The full Parent Resource Guide is now available to help answer your questions about returning to school.  Should you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to the school.

Change to the First Day of School 2020

Greenville County has pushed the start date for the 2020-2021 school year back to Monday Aug. 24th.

Parent Backpack Notifications

Sign up for Parent Backpack Notifications  (Spanish) now so you can stay up to date!