Half Days June 2-3

Thursday and Friday, June 2 and 3, will be half-days for all students.  Half-day school hours are 7:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. for CDCs and elementary schools.  Breakfast and lunch will be served and buses will begin their afternoon routes 2.5 hours early.

Seniors 2022 Clap Out

We were honored to have Tigerville alumni come to our school for our students to clap them out. Congratulations, class of 2022!

GCS Hiring Teachers

Greenville County Schools is hiring teachers! Registration for Virtual Interviews is available now on the GCS website.  | GCS website 

2022-23 Grade Level Expectations

As we wind down this school year, we want to give families a preview for next year.  Check out the grade level expectations for your student.

Grade Level Expectations: K4 | K5 | 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th

April Primary Awards

The primary awards video will premier at 1:45 pm on Monday, May 9, 2022

BRMS Orientation for Rising 6th Graders

On Saturday, August 13th, 2022, BRMS invites all rising 6th graders to visit school for 6th grade orientation. The day is broken up into two sessions.  You will attend the morning or afternoon session based on your last name.  See below for further details:  9:00-11:30 Students with last name A-L; 12:30-3:00 Students with last name M-Z.  Please see the brochure for more details.  | BRMS Orientation 2022-23 Brochure

April Intermediate Awards

The intermediate awards will premiere at 1:45 pm on May 9, 2022.

Free and Reduced Meal Application 2022-23

Due to federal funding, public schools have been serving all students free meals (breakfast & lunch) since the COVID-19 pandemic first disrupted K-12 education.  This waiver is due to expire on June 30, 2022.  In an effort to plan ahead, we are asking families to complete a Free & Reduced Meal Application at this time.  Although this process will need to be completed again at the beginning of the next school year, this year’s approval will grant families a 30-day continuance.  This means “approved” students will continue to have the free/reduced status at the beginning of the school year.  This will allow time to process the new request with no additional costs accumulating while waiting on the 2022-23 results.  Also completing the application now gives families time to receive information of their approval status & to plan for any costs they may incur with future cafeteria purchases.  Online applications are processed faster, but paper forms will be accepted.  Please complete your application by Friday, May 13th, either online or on paper - one application per household.  Paper applications can be sent to the front office.
Paper applications were sent home or you may contact the school for one.  Contact Ms. Tina in our cafeteria if you have any questions: 864-355-4608,

Field Day 2022

We are excited to announce that we will be having Field Day this year from 8:30 am- 10 am on Thursday, May 26 (K4-2nd grades) & Friday, May 27 (3rd-5th grades).  Both Field Days will be the same, with only minor changes. There  WILL NOT be any water activities.  Students will not be getting wet.  Students will only need to make sure they dress appropriately for the weather and have on tennis shoes.  
We are welcoming parents to come and observe the festivities of field day.  If you would like to have an early dismissal for your student, please bring your car tag with you to field day as you will use it to check out your student with his or her teacher.  If you are checking out other siblings participating in field day, you will need to take your car tag to that student's teacher to check them out.  If you are checking out siblings in grades not involved with field day, you will need to go to the office to check them out.  Please note that other siblings cannot be checked out to attend other field day events.

May School Newsletter

Check out what is happening at our school.  Read the May edition of the Tigerville Times.  | Tigerville Times- May Edition

End of Year Awards

Tigerville families are invited to join us for our end of year awards programs. All visitors will need to check in through the office to attend the awards program.

Parent Survey

Dear Parents,

Please take a moment to complete the 2022 Parent’s School Climate Survey for our school.  The survey link is available on the Home Dashboard of the Parent Backpack.    The parent survey window is open now through May 27, 2022.

Thank you.

Family Lunch Time Reminders

If you choose to eat with your child, please come to the front office to check in. You must have a valid, government-issued photo ID. You will be given a yellow visitor sticker that must be visible in the upper chest area at all times while in the building. You may then wait for your child’s class in the hallway in front of the office. At the conclusion of lunch, visitors are asked to go to the front office to check out & students should join their class in the cafeteria, so they can return to their instructional day.  Adult lunch costs $4.10.  The cafe accepts cash and check only.  Checks must be made payable to TES cafe.  At this time, no debit or credit cards can be take in the cafe.

We have special events and testing planned for our students throughout this fourth quarter. Because of this, there will be days when we will eat lunch in the classroom instead of the cafeteria. Unfortunately, on days that we eat in the classroom, we cannot accommodate families in the rooms. The dates below are days on which we will not be able to host families for lunch:

Tigerville Virtual Students Testing Dates

Virtual students in grades 3-5 will have state testing on the following dates:

Virtual 3rd Grade Testing Dates:  April 21 (TDA Field Testing), May 11 (SC READY ELA Day 1) , May 12 (SC READY ELA Day 2), May 24 (SC READY Math)

Virtual 4th Grade Testing Dates: April 21 (TDA Field Testing), May 17 (SC READY ELA Day 1) , May 18 (SC READY ELA Day 2), May 24 (SC READY Math), May 25 ( SC PASS Science)

Virtual 5th Grade Testing Dates: April 21 (TDA Field Testing), May 17 (SC READY ELA Day 1) , May 18 (SC READY ELA Day 2), May 24 (SC READY Math)

All students Makeup Testing Dates: May 26-27, and June 1

Tigerville Testing Dates

Tigerville students in grades 3-5 will have state testing on the following dates:

May 10- SC READY ELA Day 1 (Grades 3-5)

May 12- SC READY ELA Day 2 (Grades 3-5)

May 18- SC READY Math (Grades 3-5)

May 24- SC PASS Science (4th Grade only)

May 25- TDA Field Test (Grades 3-5)

Free Meals for All Students

Free Meals for students during the 2021-2022 School Year- Due to a recent USDA waiver, all students will receive free meals during the 2021-2022 school year.  Please visit the GCS website for more details.  GCS Free Meals Info