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Sept. Primary Awards

Today we are celebrating our Primary awards for the month of September.  Watch the program to hear about our terrific primary students.

Chicken Biscuits on Friday, Oct. 7, 2022

Our chicken biscuits return on Oct. 7, 2022. We will be selling chicken biscuits for $4 each. They are first come, first serve until they run out during morning car line.

Sept. Intermediate Awards

Today we are celebrating our Intermediate awards for the month of September.  Watch the program to hear about our fabulous intermediate students.

Reverse Storybook Character Parade

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  You are invited to our reverse storybook character parade on Oct. 10, 2022.  From 5:00 pm- 6:00 pm, our staff will dress as storybook characters and be in the front, inner car loop.  Please bring your family and drive through this cast of characters.  Students can bring their favorite book to share with the staff as they drive through.  Due to safety, families must stay in their vehicles for this event.

Tiger Tail News for Oct. 3, 2022

Find out about the week's activities in this episode of the Tiger Tail News.

Tigerville Times- Oct. 2022 Edition

Check out what is happening at our school in October. Read the newest edition of the Tigerville Times. | Tigerville Times- October Edition

GCS Parent Backpack

The GCS Backpack program is a one-stop shop to apply for special programs, check grades, assignments, lunch balances and other information. You can also use backpack to change contact and demographic information and update the list of individuals allowed to pick up your child from school. Parents will also be able to invite others to have viewing rights to their child’s information without giving them access to change any data or pick up rights.  View the GCS Parent Backpack flier for complete instructions. | GCS Parent Backpack

Upcoming Test Dates for 2nd Graders

Second graders have some upcoming test dates.  Please make every effort to be at school on time on these dates.  Testing starts first thing in the morning.

Oct.10-11- CogAT

Oct. 12-23 IOWA Assessment

Students in second grade will be administered the CogAT and Iowa assessments as part of South Carolina’s Grade 2 Gifted and Talented Assessment Program in October. SC State Board Regulation 43-220 requires districts to test all enrolled students (in-person and virtual). Testing is conducted at the student’s enrolled elementary school via the paper format. Parents of GCS Virtual Program (GCSVP) students must provide transportation on all test days.  Please see more details on the GCS website.  | GCS Fall 2022 2nd Grade Testing