GeoDesign Students Plan City for Mars

Students in GeoDesign classes recently presented their final products to numerous community members. Visitors included many representatives in the engineering industry including civil engineers, city planners, and many more. Parents were also invited to attend.

Students presented the work they had done in response to being tasked with creating a future city plan for Mars. Students had to use knowledge from Geometry (quadrilaterals, various angle types, and relationships) as well as Engineering (using the design process, creating buildings in 2-D sketches and then in 3-D using Autodesk Inventor software).

Students presentations included a visual model of their city using examples of their buildings that they 3-D printed, 2-D sketches, examples of their designs in Autodesk, a brief explanation of their design process and written proposal for their city, as well as being available to guests for questioning. 

For more photos, see our album for this event on our Facebook page.