Dr. CreelNorthwest Teacher of the Year-Dr. Caroline Creel


A teacher is chosen by the faculty each year to represent Northwest Middle School at the district level. Dr. Caroline Creel is our 2023-24 Teacher of the Year. 

A message from Dr. Creel:

I really enjoy being a science teacher... this is my 13th year in the science classroom. The natural world inspires me. I am constantly looking at phenomena and asking questions. There is so much to explore, and I am a passionate lifelong learner! 

I love being outside and learning about the world. Seriously... how cool is it to find out things you never knew before? It is truly an ADVENTURE! I can't wait to learn with you this year and hear about your favorite adventures. I am here for YOUR SUCCESS and so excited to get to know you!

Congratulations Dr. Creel!

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