League Academy PTA



League Families,

The members of your PTA welcome you and your students. Whether it is your first time at League Academy, or you are returning, we are excited to have you join us! We hope you will help us make a difference. Every membership matters!  At League Academy, your PTA is dedicated to providing educational and enrichment experiences for every child. This will be a very different year and we will focus on trying to be flexible and responsive to needs as they arise. 


Join PTA now!
PTA is going virtual!  Create an account and enter your information on MemberHub. Go to leaguepta.memberhub.store.  Join the PTA and pay online in just a few minutes!  Donations are $5.00 per member. Parents, students, neighbors, grandparents and friends are all invited to join our PTA!  Our goal is 100% membership - matching 1 member to each League student.

Member Hub
PTA’s across the state have transitioned to using MemberHub as an online tool to collect memberships, communicate with members, host an online school store and more.  You may be familiar with it already from other PTA’s you have joined.  This allows us to more efficiently communicate with members.  Members can also create accounts and select preferences for which they would like to receive communications.  Within your MemberHub site, you have the ability to edit your own profile, Your Family's Profile and Your Account Settings. You can access all three by visiting the profile picture on the top right and clicking them on the drop-down menu. 
Under Your Profile you can:
Upload a photo/avatar of yourself by clicking on Change Picture
Edit Family in the link on the right
Edit Profile including basic information, display name, option to receive text message notifications and option to receive Main Calendar email and/or text reminders 
Adjust Profile Visibility to control what parts of your profile are visible
Under Your Account you can:
Manage your email addresses
Change your password
Change your notification preferences
Edit your timezone
Under Switch Organizations:  You can go back and forth between organizations in which you have a profile (like different schools for different kids). Simply click the organization name you would like to visit and you will see that organization Member Hub. 
League Academy No Fuss Fundraiser
“Can I just write the PTA a check and not require my child to sell calendars, chocolate, or wrapping paper?”  Donations fund our PTA and our PTA supports teachers and students.  Please consider making a direct donation to the PTA.  If we don’t raise enough money this way, we may have to hold additional fundraisers later in the year.   We accept checks made payable to League Academy PTA or make a quick and easy Venmo @leagueacademypta or go to leaguepta.memberhub.store and select donations and the amount.

Volunteer Opportunities at League Academy
We are still uncertain what this year will look like, but we do know that we will need your help.  If you are interested in volunteering any amount of time or resources, please email us at leagueacademypta@gmail.com or on MemberHub there is a “Volunteer” group/hub that is open for you to join.  If you join that hub you will be notified through MemberHub when opportunities arise.  We will send out a separate Google form to discover your specific interest.  As of this fall, volunteers are needed currently for: Reflections Chair, 8th Grade Celebration Committee, Spirit Night Coordinator, Teacher Appreciation and Car Line promotions.  Other opportunities will come up as the year unfolds.  

Business Partnerships
We are also looking to partner with local and League family businesses! If your business can help League in some way, we can display your logos on banners or flyers. We know our school community extends far past our doors and we’d love to have your involvement.

School Store 
Merchandise from the school store can be ordered online at leaguepta.memberhub.store.  Once ordered and paid for, it will typically be delivered to your student within a week.  If your student only attends virtual school, you will be contacted to come pick it up.  

Affiliate Programs
There are multiple programs that will donate a portion of your purchases to League. A few of them are: 
Harris Teeter’s Together In Education program gives schools a chance to earn funds when you link your VIC card and shop Harris Teeter brands. Sign up for a VIC card online or in store.  Then register your VIC card online and then select school (League is program number 6872).  You can even split between multiple schools. It also says that you can give the cashier our code 6872 and your VIC card when you check out and your card will be linked for the entire school year. It appears that you have to link to the schools of choice annually.
Publix Partners - Participating is easy. Simply sign up for Club Publix, click Publix Partners, and select a school. Then enter your phone number or use pay with the Publix app every time you check out. We’ll give back to the school of your choice.  You need to make an election every year
Amazon Smile - log into your amazon account and search for this program - then you log into amazon.smile to make purchases (with your existing account information).

You can get information through MemberHub or League PTA’s Facebook page or you can always email leagueacademypta@gmail.com