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League Academy School Report Card

South Carolina School Report Cards

Below is the link to our School Report Card, released November 29, 2018 by the State Department of Education.  Based on a number of factors, each school in the state has been rated as excellent, good, average, below average, or unsatisfactory.

These report cards are very different from past report cards in our state.  The new report cards factor in multiple data points, test scores and surveys. The report attempts to measure a school’s academic achievement, student progress, college and career readiness and school climate. The reports will also include data on English Learners Progress, Student Safety, and Financial information. High School reports will factor in graduation rates, though the formula for determining the graduation rate has changed slightly from past years.

For the first time in South Carolina, NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) scores will be used to help determine schools’ ratings. NAEP tests students in every state in fourth grade and eighth grade in math, reading, science, and writing. The percentage of schools ranked in each category (from unsatisfactory to excellent) will align to the State’s 2015 NAEP results, so about 15 percent of schools in South Carolina will be rated “excellent,” 20 percent will be rated “good,” 35 percent will be rated “average,” 20 percent will be “below average,” and 10 percent will be “unsatisfactory.”

Along with the new rating system, the report cards feature several new pieces of data, including Education Value-Added Assessment System (EVAAS).  EVAAS measures student academic growth year-after-year. EVAAS measures student academic position in relation to his/her peers from one-year to another.  Growth among lowest performing 20% of students counts double toward each school’s report card.

If you have any questions or concerns related to our school’s ratings, feel free to contact our principal via email or phone. 

League Academy School Report Card  

Extra! Extra! The Daily Bark!


League's student newspaper, The Daily Bark, is now being regularly published online. The Daily Bark is a great way to stay informed and up-to-date about events school-wide. You can get to The Daily Bark link from the League Academy's homepage. And don’t forget to follow our Instagram, @leaguedailybark.


Parents! Sign Up for Mrs. Anderson's Remind 101

League Parents! Please sign up for Mrs. Anderson's Principal Messages on Remind 101! 

Parent Literacy Night was a SUCCESS

For those of you who missed our Parent Literacy Night this week, here is a sneak peak of one of our presentations from Mrs. Barwick on Digital Literacy! 

League Academy Business Partners

New Business Partner Program


We are jump starting a much needed Business Partnership Program with our League Families and  local businesses.  This year we are looking to focus on a "Business Partner of the Week", where we would focus on advertising your business (and your business alone) during the school week.  (Note that we also like the idea of 2 - 3 businesses also pairing up to be co-partners of the week).  The goal being to really spotlight all attention on ONE SINGLE business everyday for a solid week. 


What businesses will get...

  • 3 x 5 Vinyl banner in the car line with your logo/business   Only one banner displayed on our Business Partner of the Week Wall...with no other logos appearing during that week.
  • Advertising on our our push text messages (Remind), Facebook, hallway projector, and on the PTA and website.
  • We would encourage businesses to provide any swag, flyers, business cards, discount coupons, etc. that we can help hand-out during that week.
  • Listed on all Program Inserts handed out during events (Orchestra, Drama, Choir Performances)

We are looking for a $250 contribution to make this happen.  And again, if you know another business that you'd like to work with, you could pair up to share that $250.  If you are interested, please contact Cady Johnson via email at or via phone/text at 864-630-0221.


Go Bulldogs!

League Academy Student Dress Code


League Academy Dress Code Policy 2018-2019


In accordance with Greenville County School District’s Policy JCDAF,

Greenville County School District students are expected to dress and be groomed in such a way as to not distract or cause disruption in the educational program or orderly operation of the school.  Personal appearance of students should promote health and safety, contribute to a climate conducive to teaching and learning, and project a positive image of the District to the community.  Students should dress for the educational setting and not the recreational one.  The principal may create further guidelines regarding student dress, which are consistent with this policy. Clothing and/or accessories that advertise drugs, alcohol, weapons, anything suggestively profane, obscene, racial, and illegal or gang/neighborhood related—may not be worn or brought to school.  Items that violate the dress code policy may be confiscated.

In order to promote safety and an educational environment students at League Academy:


  • Must wear the school ID at all times on campus.
  • The length of shorts, skirts, dresses must meet the length of a student’s ID above the knee. This applies to when a student is wearing leggings and/or tights.
  • May not wear head coverings including: bandanas, hats, caps, toboggans, earmuffs. Hoods on coats, shirts, or sweat shirts may not be worn over the head while in the building.
  • Sunglasses covering the eyes may not be worn in the building or classroom.
  • No tube tops, halter tops, or spaghetti strap tops may be worn. Sleeveless jerseys should be worn with a t-shirt underneath.
  • Undergarments should not be visible at any time.
  • Blankets are not to be used to stay warm while in the building. They are to be left home.


The administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of clothing and/or appearance and reserves the right to prohibit students from wearing any articles of clothing or items which lead to or may foreseeably result in the disruption of or interference with the school environment.


Consequences for Dress Code Violation:

Send student to Mrs. Fowler to pick up a change of clothing and/or to call a parent. 

  1. Student will receive a warning from a teacher or administrator. [First Violation]
  2. A parent or guardian will be contacted. [Second Violation]
  3. Student will receive a referral for dress code violation and refusal to obey. A parent or guardian will be contacted and student may be suspended. 

Any consequences for violations beyond the third will be determined by the administration based on the student’s overall compliance with the student conduct code.