League Academy Career Developement

Mrs. Greene - Career Development Coordinator

In May 2005, Gov. Mark Sanford signed Personal Pathways to Success formally known as the Education and Economic Development Act
(EEDA). This legislation requires school districts to develop a curriculum organized around a 16 career cluster system.

Personal Pathways to Success is designed to help students take control of planning for their futures. Organized around 16 career clusters, students, parents, and counselors work together to develop Individual Graduation Plans (IGPs) that specify a student's cluster, major, post-secondary goals, planned high school activities, and planned out-of-class activities. This planning begins in 8th grade and is carried through and/or modified during high school.

The Personal Pathways program maintains the state's established high school graduation requirements - 17 required academic core courses plus seven electives - but requires all students declare a career major through a course of study from one of the 16 career clusters.

As the Career Development Facilitator at League Academy, Mrs. Greene works to develop partnerships with area businesses to provide students opportunities for hands-on learning. Students will be able to explore and learn about many different careers before s/he chooses a cluster of study to pursue while in high school.

Personal Pathways to Success was fully implemented in July 2011

Individual Graduation Plan

As required by the Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA), all 8th grade students, in consultation with their parents, guardians, or representatives designated by their parents, must meet with a counselor to develop an Individual Graduation Plan to select a career cluster of interest. To prepare for the IGP, your child completed the Explore Assessment. The assessment asked questions about their likes, dislikes, and hobbies to place them into a cluster. The student was also assessed on their academic ability. The results of the Explore Assessment will be given to you at your IGP meeting.

Parents of 8th grade students will receive a letter in the mail beginning in January with a date and time for your student's IGP. Please contact Mrs. Greene (355-8113) if you need to reschedule.

16 Career Clusters

Career clusters are a key element in enhancing economic development. They help to ensure that South Carolina has a quality workforce and a prosperous economy by connecting schools and businesses.

We are encouraged to use the 16 editions of Pathways to Success that have been created for South Carolina students - each of which focuses on one of our state's 16 career clusters - as part of our school career program.