Support Staff



Title I Interventionists that serve our student population


Barrilleaux, Aimee - RTI Primary

Lori Smith - Interventionist

 - Literacy Specialist


Counseling Department

Thomas E. Kerns Elementary has a full time School Counselor and a Mental Health Counselor.  Visit their websites for more information about their role at TEK.

 - School Counselor

Marcus Russ -Mental Health Counselor

                                                                                       Johnathan Smith- Mental Health Counselor

Social Work Services

Our Social Worker is full time and provides a variety of services for families and students.

Casie Butler

Resource Special Education

Resource teachers provide students with special ed services if they qualify for services.  We have two Resource teachers.

Cathy Lewis - K5-2nd Grade Resource

Martha Mial - Resource

Claire Christie - 3rd-5th Grade Resource

Gifted and Talented

Students that qualify for Gifted and Talented Services are served once a week by our GT teacher.

Barbara Key


Instructional Coaches

Instructional Coaches provide teacher support. 

Ann Heatherly--K5-2nd

Sarah Liebenrood--3rd-5th

Title 1 Parent Involvement Coordinator


Loida Evatt