ID Badges

As part of our school district’s continuing efforts to provide a safe learning environment, all middle school students and staff are required to wear a photo ID that is visible, recognizable, and intact. Students must wear their ID badge whenever they are on campus, on field trips, or school functions. Students must not cover their picture with anything. That is, the ID badge should not be broken, defaced, or decorated.

An ID badge will be provided to students at the beginning of the school year to wear on lanyards around their necks. Lanyards may be provided by the student. Lanyards should be break-away for safety purposes.

Student ID badges will also be used to purchase lunch and check out media books and textbooks. During the first week of school, administrators and teachers will remind students if their ID is not properly displayed. After this orientation period, students not wearing their ID badge will encounter consequences for not doing so.

If they do not - we will print a new one before admitting them to classes and a $5.00 fee will be assessed to the student. This will be done daily. This is part of our safety procedures and is handled similarly to dress code or cell phone violations. As a result, if your child does not have his/her ID badge consistently, it would impact our ability to provide a safe environment we know you want and expect.

Students are required to have their IDs around their necks using a tearaway lanyard at all times. Those found to be in violation of the ID policy will be assessed a fee for the replacement on a daily basis. Failure to consistently wear the student ID per this policy could result in progressive disciplinary action to include In School Suspension and may also include student’s loss of privileges as described under the student behavior code of conduct policy.