Clubs and Groups

BETA Club:

What is the BETA CLUB?  

The National Junior Beta Club is a student honor society that recognizes high academic achievement, promotes excellent character and social responsibility, encourages service to others, and fosters leadership skills.  Further information can be found HERE. 

Student Council:

What is Student Council?  

Student Council is a student-based civic organization designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students.

Students participating in all levels of the Council will maintain a high standard of personal conduct.  Council members will demonstrate leadership qualities by serving as good examples of behavior through their words and actions.

All Council members will be expected to participate in approved activities, which will serve to enhance the quality of both the physical and behavior environment of the school.

The purpose of student council is:

  1. To develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship. 
  2. To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school.
  3. To improve student/faculty relationships.
  4. To improve school morale and general welfare.
  5. To provide a forum for student expression.
  6. To plan special events or projects.

Benefits of being involved in student council include: opportunity to improve reading and writing skills, gain experience in public speaking, and learn how to make a positive impact on school and community environment.  In addition, student council serves as a chance to meet new friends and work with a wide variety of people.

Objectives of the Student Council are to:


Students must be very responsible people who are willing to work hard.  As student council members you will be called to serve other students by representing their issues.

Student Council will be involved in many community minded projects.

Men to Men:

Men to Men is a youth mentoring program at Ralph Chandler Middle School that is designed to help male students who might benefit from positive male role modeling, encouragement, and support.  The program is comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grade male students who are recommended, apply, and are selected to participate, as well as male faculty and staff members who choose to invest in the lives of these students through mentoring.  

The mission of Men to Men is to help participants be successful academically, behaviorally, and socially by modeling values such as responsibility and integrity and teaching skills such as communication, conflict resolution and effective study habits.  The primary means through which the program aims to affect participants is through the intentional establishment and cultivation of positive, meaningful relationships. 

Mentors meet with participants individually and as a group every month during non-instructional times.  Meeting formats might include tutoring, counseling, informal dialogue, and fun activities.

Strides Club:

For all students who are runners, run sometimes, jog often, or always meant to start running, but never have.  If you like to push your limits, set new goals, and have a great time with fellow runners, this club is for YOU!  The purpose of Strides Club is to help you develop life-long running, health and wellness habits that you will carry over all through life.  You will work on improving running form, technique, endurance, and stamina - all the while enjoying the fun of running!  Find out more about Strides Club HERE.


Responsible, Challenged & Motivated to Succeed 
The Mission of Ralph Chandler Middle School is to provide an environment that is conducive to learning and focuses on academic excellence.