Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Daddy Daughter Dance 2017

Our dads and daughters had a special night on February 13th. They were invited to enjoy a pasta dinner, portrait session, selfie booth, and dance session with a DJ. Everyone came dressed to impress and had a wonderful evening making memories together! More pictures coming soon....


Reading All-Stars








REC students are participating in the Reading All-Stars program sponsored by Michelin and the Greenville Drive. The program begins on February 13th. Students are required to read 5 books between February 13th - March 17th. Teachers will keep track of the books read in the classroom. Students who successfully read 5 books will receive a free ticket to the Greenville Drive baseball game on April 24th, a free t-shirt, and a free book. We hope to have 100% participation at Robert E. Cashion. Please encourage your children to read daily! More details about attending the Greenville Drive game will be posted closer to the date of the game. Happy Reading!