Upcoming Events

Free Lunch

First Fellowship Church 
100 Montana St
Offering free lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays
They also have a food pantry and clothing pantry for those in need. 
Riverside Family Restaurant
1000 Cedar Lane Road
Offering one free lunch per day to children from Kindergarten through 8th grade
From 10:00 AM-2:00 PM.  
Must have an adult with them.
No purchase necessary, but do have to be a dine in guest. 
Offering the following options:


Here are a few simple ways for you to help:

1. Create your free Parent/Guardian account on ReadWorks.org

ReadWorks is a nonprofit that provides educators with thousands of free, high-quality

nonfiction and fiction articles with questions and activities. ReadWorks is inviting you - all

parents & guardians - to create your own free account to help your child stay on track this

summer, and all year round!

1. Go to www.readworks.org

2. Click on “I’m an Educator” (parents are educators too!)

3. Click on the blue “Sign Up”

4. Make sure to choose “Parent/Guardian” as your role

2. Print Free Summer Reading Packets Now - www.readworks.org/summer-reading

To make summer reading easy, ReadWorks has curated interesting and knowledge filled

summer reading packets on a range of levels that you can print and download for free!

Keep these tips in mind when using ReadWorks this summer:

TIP 1: Summer reading should be accessible and enjoyable, so be sure to choose

articles that are at your child’s reading level. Don’t be afraid to start with articles

from lower grade levels. The important thing is that students, read, read, read!

TIP 2: Aside from giving your child access to these high-quality texts, helping them

keep track of their summer reading and discussing what they’ve been read with

family members can also go a long way!

I hope you and your family have a great summer!