Welcome to Planet Jupiter!

If I could go to Jupiter I would bring an umbrella because of Jupiter's infamous storms! I want to go to Jupiter because severe weather has always facsinated me. The "Big Red Dot" is definitely the place for severe weather! Also, Jupiter is gorgeous and I would love to get a close up look at the awestriking planet. Lastly, I love Greek & Roman mythology to Jupiter and back! Jupiter was named after the Roman god of the skies. It would be so cool to see Jupiter up close!

National Geographic

Facts about Jupiter

    • Jupiter's radius is 43,441 mi
    • Jupiter is made of hydrogen,helium,water, methane,and ammonia.
    • Jupiter is approximately 779 million km/484 million miles away from the sun
    • Jupiter has 67 moons
    • Jupiter takes 11.8618 Earth years to orbit the sun