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Community Eligibility Provision


Community Eligibility Provision


Westcliffe is part of the Community Eligibility Provision. What does that mean? All of our students receive free lunch and breakfast at school. Click below to learn more:

Logo for Community Eligibility Provision link


More Resources:


NEW: Three Ways to Promote School Meals

Enlist students, staff, and families in creating a successful school meal program with these strategies from Kohl's Healthy at Home. Our companion Communications Guide offers sample text for social media posts and newsletters to help schools spread the word.


   WATCH: What Is School Breakfast? | en español

Hear how more than 14 million students benefit from a healthy school breakfast, in our new series of short "Fact Snack" videos.


   WATCH: What Is School Lunch? | en español

Learn what parents and caregivers can do to ensure all students have the nourishment they need to learn and thrive.


   NEW: Honoring Traditions Through Food

Celebrate students' cultural identities by offering authentic traditional foods through school meal programs or events.


Westcliffe Parent Involvement Policy Approved


Westcliffe Elementary Parent Involvement Policy And School-Parent Compact Approved


Parent Involvement Policy Approved Letter - Click for a PDF Version of this Letter


Click the above letter notice for a PDF version.




Little Free Library at Westcliffe


Little Free Library at Westcliffe Elementary


Students at Westcliffe at outside library


How This Library Works:

Take Books-

*Anyone may take a book - neighbors, friends, and passersby - the books are always free.


Share Books-

*Book donations are welcome at this Little Free Library.  If this one is full, find other book-sharing boxes with the Little Free Library world map at .



Dolly's Imagination Library


Dolly Pardon's Logo for Imagination Library


Dolly Parton's Imagination Library-Free Books!!


Parents and Guardians!!  You can have a free book  monthly sent to your home from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library organization for kids aged 0 to 5!  Click the following link to sign up and get registered today!!




GCS Policies and Procedures

Click the links below for details on the GCS Policies and Procedures for each of the following:

Volunteer Guidelines and Applications          COPPA Link      Security Plan and Law Enforcement Partnerships Link      Athletic Event Clear Bag Policy


Westcliffe Elementary Mission Statement

Westcliffe Elementary

Our Mission

In cooperation with home and community, Westcliffe Elementary School prepares students to be life-long learners and citizens of good character in an ever-changing world.

School Awards

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