Fourth Grade students are quickly learning that for every "action" there is a "reaction". Students that listen and actively participate make better grades. Being respectful and responsible has numerous rewards. Coming to school ready to learn with homework and materials makes learning so much easier. Sharing ideas and discussing assignments improves learning. Most importantly, our students understand that learning today helps make leaders for tomorrow.

Our Fourth grade teachers welcome two new teachers this year!  We want to welcome Mrs. Bader and Mrs. Bauer to the Thomas E. Kerns team.  The Fourth grade team is excited for the challenge of a new year and ready to teach growing young minds.  Below is a picture of our Fourth Grade team.  If you click on their names, a link will take you to their classroom webpage.


          Ms Lawler                   Ms. Hill           Mrs. Houghton            Mrs. Blakeney           Mrs. Bader          Mrs. Bauer