Hughes Academy Basketball

Hughes Academy BasketballBasketball, one of the most exciting sports in history has been in our history since 1996. In 1996 our school established its first boy’s basketball team and two years later in 1998 the girls basketball team was established. Back then, basketball was mostly a middle school sport. Getting in the team isn’t easy though, in order to get in you must want it. You must be passing all classes, have no discipline record during the season, and also if you aren’t coachable you can be kicked out. The season starts in early December and ends in February. Our boys’ coach is Mr. Lilliston and the girls’ coach is Mr. Moore.

The school has actually been very successful thanks to our dedicated coaches and players. We have been quite successful in the past years and been in the top 5 middle schools some years. Our boys basketball team has won the championship in the years 2006, 2010, 2012. The girls basketball has also done quite well with winning the championship in 2001,2009 and 2012. We have received the runner up trophy twice.

By Henzel S.
Student Reporter