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Laying the Foundation for Future Success!

Welcome to the Greenville County Child Development Centers where we are “Laying the Foundation for Future Success”!  We are thrilled, once again, to be partnering with The Palmetto Basics to bring to you five evidence-based parenting and caregiving principles that encompass much of what experts find is important for young children.  Please check out the following video to learn more about this initiative:  Video

This month, I will highlight the first part of Palmetto Basic #1:  Maximize Love, Manage Stress.

Maximize Love, Manage Stress:  The first part of this basic is “Maximizing Love” which is essential to your child’s development.  Young children thrive when their world seems loving, safe and predictable.  When we express love and respond to their needs, we teach them that they can count on us.  Overtime, this helps them to learn to manage their own feelings and behavior.  As they grow and when they feel secure, this gives them confidence to explore, learn and take on challenges that are needed for quality learning.  This is why at the CDCs we work to provide this loving, safe and predictable environment by listening to your child, expressing empathy when needed, and maintaining a consistent daily schedule.  Doing these things at home are a way for you to maximize love in that environment as well.

Additionally, here are a few items that I think will be helpful reminders as we continue this journey together:

  • Beginning of School:  School starts at 8am, so please have your child here no later than 8am. After 8am, children are considered tardy; you must park your car, walk in with your child, and sign-in at the main office.  Please remember your child misses critical instruction and activities when they are late.  Establishing good timely habits early in your child’s educational career can help tremendously as they progress through their schooling years.
  • Morning Drop-Off:  Please wait until a staff member opens the car door.  If possible, the car seat should be on the back passenger side door.  To ensure your child’s safety, and that we have staff available, the earliest your child can be dropped off at school is 7:30am.
  • Early Dismissal:  If your child has to be dismissed early from school, please send a note to the teacher.  You will need to come to the office, show identification, and sign your child out.  There will be NO early dismissals after 1:45pm as dismissal after this time interferes with normal dismissal for all other children.  Again, we discourage early dismissals as they disrupt the instruction for your child as well as the rest of the children in the classroom.
  • Student Handbook: If you have not yet read it, be sure to check out our Student and Parent Handbook for important information about the Child Development Centers.  Handbook
  • Car Tags:  Please understand that we will likely ask to see your car tag at least twice each afternoon at dismissal time.  Once as you drive up so we can line your child up for dismissal and again just before we place your child in the car. This is designed to ensure the safety of your child.  Placing the tag on your rearview mirror or passenger side dashboard often allows us to see the number without having to ask you to show it if that is more convenient for you.

Once again we are thrilled to welcome you to the Child Development Centers’ Family and look forward to sharing the exciting things happening here with you and your child.  For those that prefer electronic and more up-to-date information, please also follow us on Facebook: click the link below.  All Principal letters will also be posted there, as well as the center’s website, along with other happenings at the CDCs. 


Amanda Lecaroz
CDC Principal



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Amanda Lecaroz, CDC Principal