About Greenbrier Elementary School

Greenbrier Elementary PictureGreenbrier, a public school in southern Greenville County, is located in the Mauldin community. Our school, home to over 800 wonderful students, has heterogeneously grouped classes in kindergarten through grade five. We have two 4K classrooms and four self-contained special education classes. Specialists in art, music, physical education, and library science teach all students.

The student and staff population of Greenbrier have a high attendance record. We believe children who enter school in good health, feel safe, and are connected to their school are ready to learn. Greenbrier Elementary provides a caring and supportive environment. This caring community requires all members to treat each other with kindness and respect. To accomplish such a goal, students and teachers take active roles in shaping the culture and environment of the classroom, as well as of the school at large.

Our character education program is one that focuses on a Whole Child approach to learning, teaching, and community engagement. Greenbrier Elementary promotes character education because we believe character education promotes civility and caring communities and leads to improved academic performance in school. By learning how to actively Take Time to Be Kind, or TTTBK, through using good manners, doing random acts of kindness, and helping others when they are struggling, students gain an appreciation of others.

Mission & Vision:

Our Mission:  We are kindness leaders, relationship builders, and successful learners. We are Greenbrier, the school of kindness.

Our Vision:  Student success is based on building relationships and fostering kindness. · All students are unique individuals with distinct abilities and are capable of learning. · Positive relationships among home, school, and community are essential.