Eastside Attendance Information

Seat Time Recovery

The objective of Seat Time Recovery is to allow students who are currently passing a course or just below passing and have more than the maximum number of absences the opportunity to recover class hours by attending STR. Seat Time Recovery will enable participants to make up the hours required to receive credit for a course. You are allowed 5 non-medical absences in a semester class and 10 non-medical in a yearlong class.

Please click on the link below to print a Seat Time Recovery Contract. Please fill the form out completely and return to Wendy Riddle in the front office by the deadline stated on the form. After Seat Time Recovery has been completed by your student it will be applied to their attendance record.

If you would like to complete your seat time at an off campus site you must still register with our front office.  Dates for these sessions are on the offsite document below (Greer and Greenville High Seat Time Recovery Dates).

If you have any questions regarding seat time please see Mrs. Riddle in the front office.

Seat Time Recovery Contract