Eastside Attendance Information

Attendance Policies

This year will be challenging for everyone, but EHS is committed to working with you so you can be successful.  While your school year will look very different, most rules pertaining to attendance remain the same.

1.    General Attendance Rules 

You are required to attend school at least 170 of the 180 days in the school year in order to receive credit for your classes.

a. You can submit a parent note for illness that did not require a medical visit, a death in the family, vacation or non-medical appointments like visits to the DMV.  Absence due to vacations will be entered as unexcused parent notes.

b. New This Year – due to the limited time you will be in attendance, parents may submit excuse notes electronically.  See Eastside High School mail web page for the Submit Absences button.

c. After 3 consecutive or 5 total unexcused absences you will be considered truant.  The attendance office will contact you if your student becomes truant.

d. At this time your student probably has multiple days of eLearning or Virtual school.  Make sure they are checking in to each class every day to be counted present.  If they do not they will receive an absence in any class they have not checked into.  These absences count the same as in-person days.

e. Always contact the attendance office if you have any questions on these policies.

2.    Tardies

a. Each student can receive 7 tardies before any disciplinary action is take.

b. Being tardy is a discipline issue and will never transfer to absences.

c. Tardies are cumulative and include both tardies to school and to individual classes.

d. Due to COVID 19 restriction the disciplinary plan has not been finalized for tardies.

3.    Early Dismissals

Eastside is understanding of the fact that sometimes appointments have to be scheduled during school hours. We have 2 options for obtaining an early dismissal. For the safety of our student, not dismissals will be granted by phone, email or fax.

a. Student brings a handwritten note signed by a parent or guardian to school.

i. Note must contain time and reason for the dismissal

ii. Note must contain a parent or guardian phone number so the note can be verified.  If we cannot reach you we will not be able to grant the dismissal. If you feel you will be difficult to reach you can call the attendance office in the morning and verify the dismissal prior to us calling you.

iii. Notes must be turned in before the student attends any classes in order to give time for the verification process.

iv. If a student is not present for at least half of a class period he/she will not be given credit for that class.

v. It is the student’s responsibility to leave class at the appropriate time.  The office will not call for them. They will come by the office and pick up the approved dismissal slip.

b. Parents may come to the front office with the appropriate identification and request a dismissal. Once their information has been verified the student will be called for dismissal.

4.    College Visits

a. Seniors are allowed two college visits per year and Juniors are allowed three.  In order for these visits to be excused you must follow the procedure listed.      

                                        i. Pick up the College Visit Form in the attendance office at least 2 weeks in advance of your visit.

                                        ii. Have all teachers sign form along with guidance and parent.

                                        iii. Turn in to the attendance office so the absence can be entered. Initially, this absence will go in as an excused parent note.

 iv. Upon return from the visit student should submit documentation from the college to the attendance office when they return to school.  At that time the absence will be coded as college visit (CV) and will not count against the student’s days.

5.    Seat Time Recovery 

The objective of Seat Time Recovery is to allow students who are currently passing a course or just below passing and have more than the maximum number of absences the opportunity to recover class hours by attending STR. Seat Time Recovery will enable participants to make up the hours required to receive credit for a course. You are allowed 5 non-medical absences in a semester class and 10 non-medical in a yearlong class.

a. At this time, we are unsure what the process for Seat Time will be this year.  Please check back later.