Carolina High School & Academy Attendance


  • Daily attendance will be recorded during each class period.  
  • The school’s automated system will call students' homes to notify parents of the  student’s absence.  
  • Parents should notify the attendance clerk of absences and any address or  telephone number changes. 
  • The attendance clerk’s record of attendance is the official record used to grant or  deny academic credit. 

Chronic Illness 

  • Students who suffer from a chronic illness or a medical condition that is being  treated by a doctor should provide a physician's note advising the school of the  student's condition, i.e. asthma, diabetes.  
  • The note will be placed in the student's attendance file. Thereafter, if the student is  absent due to this medical condition, a parent note referring to the doctor's note on file may be sent so that it will not be necessary to go to the doctor each time a relapse occurs. 
  • The student should then bring a parent note. All absences must have some form of  verification. 
  • The chronic illness verification note must be updated annually. 


  • Students who cannot attend school because of mental or physical illness, an  accident, or pregnancy should apply for homebound instruction. 
  • The students will not have absences count against them provided they complete all academic requirements. 
  • Any questions regarding homebound instruction should be directed to the guidance office. 

Tardy Policy 

  • All students tardy to school must report directly to the front office in order to be  admitted to class.  
  • Tardiness due to a late bus is excused. 
  • Any student more than 45 minutes late to class shall be counted absent for  attendance credit purposes. 

Class Tardy System

  • Students are expected to be on time to all classes.
  • 1st Tardy: Conversation with designated person
  • 2nd Tardy: Conversation with designated person
  • 3rd Tardy: Student makes phone call home to parent
  • 4th Tardy and all subsequent tardies: Student makes phone call home and  assigned detention


  • Notes: 
    • Students should be coded as unexcused tardy by the teacher 
    • Students with bus tardies or excused tardies will be coded accordingly by administrators,  counselors, or front office staff. Students who report to class ten minutes later than bus arrival  time will be counted as tardy.  
    • Tardies are cumulative and not by period or day.
    • Example: A student late to 1st and 3rd periods in one day will have two tardies and be on  step 2
    • Tardies will reset every nine weeks or any time a student can go four consecutive weeks without  being tardy. Teachers cannot hold students after class causing them to be late to their next class period


  • Students earn detention for their fourth tardy and consecutive tardies after the fourth
  • Detention will take place on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri from 3:50-4:30 
  • Students will be assigned a date to serve detention 
  • Students must be in the room by 3:50 and will not be permitted to enter late
  • Students who do not show up will receive a referral for a detention violation 

Early Dismissal

  • Parents must verify all early dismissals. This can be done two ways:
  • Parents or Guardians may write a note. Students can deliver that note prior to school to get an early dismissal slips.
  • Parents or guardians may call in. However, in order to verify identify, the call must be from a number which is verified on the student's contact file.


Early Release Eligibility 

Senior Criteria: 

  • Classified as a senior
  • Enrolled in courses needed to complete requirements of the SC High School  Diploma 
  • Scheduled for two (2) periods per semester 
  • Parent/guardian signs and submits request form by deadline 

Junior Criteria: 

  • Classified as a junior 
  • On track to complete requirements for the SC High School Diploma
  • Scheduled for three (3) periods per semester 
  • Presented proof of registration for a college course taking place at a time that would  require him/her to get out of school early 
  • Parent/guardian signs and submits request form by deadline  
  • Students must leave the high school within 10 minutes of their last class unless they have approval from administration.