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Information for Parents:

Welcome to all parents who are new to the Alternative High School Family.  It is natural that most parents approach the entry of their son or daughter into an alternative setting with apprehension or other negative feelings.  While it is true that the students enrolling at the Alternative High School do so because of a serious discipline or other behavioral issue, this enrollment is also an opportunity.

Teachers and staff at the Alternative High School are dedicated to providing positive learning experiences in a highly structured setting that gives students the resources and support necessary to establish or reestablish positive habits that will allow each to succeed upon return to a more traditional high school setting.  Each student gets individual attention and many of our former students visit to share stories of their success and the positive outcomes of their time in this program. 

Our mission includes frequent communication with parents through phone calls, progress reports and Parent Nights held twice each school year.  Enrichment and life skills enhancement activities are planned for students through field trips and group discussions.  Most of these events will be announced either on this web page or by links from this site to more detailed information posted elsewhere on the web.