Middle School Competition

2021-22 MS Collaborative Art Show

Middle School Art
"You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have." -Maya Angelou

Welcome to the 2020-21 Middle School District Art Show!

By showcasing the talents of our Middle Level artists in this virtual show we are hopeful that our students will find confidence in their abilities and the courage to keep trying and growing artistically. Our Greenville County Middle School Visual Art Department recognizes that finding passion and developing creativity is a crucial developmental stage and one that is essential for the formulation of critical thinking skills. Together with their teachers, our students invite you to view their images, reflect on the ideas behind their work, and enjoy their showpieces. 

This year our show includes the following categories on the list to the left:

Art 1 HS Credit (Full Year), Art 8th Grade, Art 7th Grade, Art 6th Grade, 3 Dimensional, Process

About our Judges

Link to Award Winners

The Process Category: We added this category this year to showcase the formulation of ideas, skill development, and the creative process. This year our students were not able to participate fully in a traditional schedule or in a traditional visual art  studio setting with supply access and an abundance of collaborative experiences. The process is the foundation to masterful work so we decided to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of the students as they explore techniques, media, and thought provoking compositions. 

This year the following schools and teachers are represented:

  • Beck Academy: Carlon Steller
  • Berea Middle: Emily Haynie
  • Bryson Middle: Blair Simpson
  • Blue Ridge Middle: Lauren Hightower
  • Fisher Middle: Ken Morrill
  • Greer: Lacey Little
  • Hillcrest: Tammie Nimmons
  • Hughes: Tricia Robertson, Pamm Fink
  • K-8 Virtual Program: Christina Covington, Jill Fowler, Lisa Foley, Amy O'Brien, Heather Stanley, Cindy Singleton
  • Lakeview: Phoebe Guice
  • League Middle: Lisa Cline
  • Mauldin Middle: Darrell Wilson
  • Northwest Middle: Hilary Huskey
  • Northwood Middle: Amber Chappell
  • Ralph Chandler Middle: Libby Carter
  • Riverside Middle: Michelle Jones, Shannon Fidler
  • Sevier Middle: Abby Dickert
  • Sterling/Charles Townes Center: Mollye Spitler, Judith Harrington (Lead MS Art Teacher)
  • Tanglewood Middle: Jeannine Cartwright
  • Woodmont Middle: Meredith Hamby