Middle School Competition - Awards

Middle School Awards

Art 1 

1st/Best in Show - Ellie Heckman "Layers" Sterling/Spitler
2nd - Adelyn Fowler "LOVE" League Academy
3rd - Jasmine Lagunes "Maya Angelou" Lakeview Middle
4th - Rosie Clark "Beautiful Layers" Sterling/Harrington
5th - Rosie Clark "Origins" Sterling/Harrington
HM "Corruption" Gary Barnett Hughes/Robertson
HM - Gracie Kraynak "In the Meadow" Riverside/Fidler
HM - Benjamin Nguyen "Self-Portrait" Sterling/Stone

Grade 8

1st - Vivian Phan "Serene Spring" Virtual/Stanley
2nd - Audrey Cox "RBG" Hughes/Fink
3rd - Jayla Bivings Blue Ridge Middle
4th - Umar Boshiruddin "Night Portrait" Mauldin Middle
5th - Siena Seal "Imperfect Flowers" Virtual/Stanley
HM - Drey Crider Blue Ridge Middle
HM - De Shanti Black "Still Life" Virtual/O’Brien
HM - Lilli Green "Be Whimsical" Beck Academy
HM - Vivian Phan "Checkmate" Virtual/Stanley

Grade 7

1st - Allesandra Silveira "Flowers in Bloom" Riverside Middle/ Fidler
2nd - Jade Barksdale "Cubism" Sevier Middle
3rd - Brinna Nelson "Girl with Glasses" Virtual/Singleton
4th - Hannah Ashmore  Hillcrest Middle
HM - Catalina Jara Parada "Lines, Shapes, Patterns" Riverside Middle
HM - Natalia Morales-Maldonado "Skeletal Drawing" Woodmont Middle
HM - Shelby Hawkins "Lynx" Blue Ridge Middle
HM - McKenna Beesley "Mystic Garden" Riverside Middle

Grade 6 

1st - Bryce Arrowood "Ballet Shoes" Blue Ridge Middle

2nd - Lyla Wilson "Continuous Contour Line Drawing Faces" Virtual/Foley
3rd - Adeline Greenlee "Shattered Glass" Riverside Middle/ Fidler
4th - Lucy McMahon "Octopus" League Academy
5th - Brenna Stroble "Neurographical Art" Virtual/Fowler
HM - Max Miller "Blind Contour" Virtual/Fowler
HM - Jordan Hollander "Parakeet" Mauldin Middle
HM - Jordan Hollander "Strawberry" Mauldin Middle
HM - Jinnie Kim "Mask Self Portrait" Sterling/Spitler
HM- Kaden Nguyen "Snake" League Academy


1st - Amber White "Unending Disease" Woodmont Middle
2nd - Leran Fu "2020" Sterling/Harrington
3rd - Sophia Motto "Set Design/Mise-en-Scene" Ralph Chandler
4th - Yal Morales-Meza "Guardian" League Middle
5th - Jillian Slaw "Alebrije" Bryson Middle
HM - Maddie George "Medieval Doctor" Northwest Middle
HM - Alexa Matute "Weaving" Lakeview Middle
HM- Tarika Desai "Musical Pot" Sterling/Harrington

Evidence Of Creative Process

1st - Ansley Adams "Owl 3 Styles" Northwest Middle
2nd - Shahriya Harris "Steam Sculpture Design" Fisher Middle
3rd - Katie Bullinger "Steam Sculpture Design" Fisher Middle
4th - Lucy Chastain "Sketch" Virtual/Singleton
5th - Chloe B "From My Perspective" Tanglewood Middle
HM - Estefany Gonzalez-Izara "In Pursuit of E. Munch" Sevier Middle
HM- Drey Crider "Water Droplets" Blue Ridge Middle
HM- Helen Walker "Paper Crane Study" Beck Academy