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TRHS Photo Galleries

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GeneralFavorite Photos from 20071/1/2008
GeneralFavorite Photos from Spring 20087/1/2008
DramaDrama Camp 7/28/2008
BandBand Camp Begins7/28/2008
VolleyballVolleyball Practice - August 4th8/4/2008
FootballFootball Practice - August 4th8/4/2008
BandBand Camp Continues - Aug 68/6/2008
Student CouncilDog Training 20088/7/2008
FootballDevildogs vs Christ Church in FCA Jamboree8/9/2008
FootballTR vs Carolina G'ville Co. Jamboree8/15/2008
Student CouncilFirst Day Blowout 20088/19/2008
Student CouncilFirst Day Skits 20088/19/2008
FootballJV Football vs Berea8/28/2008
FootballTR vs Berea - Aug. 29, 20088/29/2008
FootballTR vs Riverside Football9/5/2008
Cross Country2008 Eye Opener Photos by John Gillespie9/6/2008
TennisGirls Tennis vs Blue Ridge9/8/2008
VolleyballJV Volleyball vs Blue Ridge9/11/2008
VolleyballVolleyball vs Blue Ridge9/11/2008
FootballTRHS vs Blue Ridge9/12/2008
BandGolden Invitational Band Competition9/21/2008
CheerleadersCheerleaders at Hillcrest Competition9/27/2008
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Greenville9/29/2008
FootballVarsity Football vs J.L. Mann10/3/2008
GeneralHomecoming Parade 200810/9/2008
GeneralHomecoming Pre-Game Ceremony10/10/2008
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance10/10/2008
GeneralHomecoming Pep Rally10/10/2008
FootballTRHS vs Wade Hampton10/10/2008
Cross CountryCross Country at Heritage Park10/18/2008
Cross CountryCross Country at Region Competition10/22/2008
Other (FFA)Farm Day at TRHS 200810/24/2008
Cross CountryCross Country Greenville Co. Championship - User Submitted10/25/2008
CheerleadersCheerleaders at Heritage Elementary10/27/2008
Other (NHS)TRHS Fall Festival10/28/2008
GeneralSenior Night Ceremony10/31/2008
FootballTRHS vs Berea - Oct. 31, 200810/31/2008
GeneralHalloween Pep Rally10/31/2008
Student CouncilBlood Drive - Nov. 200811/3/2008
CheerleadersCheerleaders at Upper State11/11/2008
BasketballGirls Basketball Scrimmage vs Christ Church11/12/2008
BasketballBoys Basketball Scrimmage vs Seneca11/13/2008
Student CouncilBonfire for the Canned Food Drive11/20/2008
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Woodmont11/21/2008
BasketballLady Devildogs vs Seneca11/22/2008
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greenville Tech Charter11/24/2008
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greer11/26/2008
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Riverside12/8/2008
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Riverside12/8/2008
BandTRHS Symphonic Winds Winter Concert12/11/2008
WrestlingDevildog Duals Wrestling12/13/2008
ChorusChorus Winter Concert12/14/2008
BasketballJV Boys' Basketball vs Blue Ridge12/19/2008
BasketballJV Girls' Basketball vs Blue Ridge12/19/2008
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs BRHS at Greer Tournament12/30/2008
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Christ Church in Lady Sandlapper12/31/2008
General2008 at TRHS in Photos1/1/2009
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Wade Hampton1/15/2009
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Wade Hampton1/15/2009
WrestlingWrestling vs Landrum1/22/2009
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Berea1/23/2009
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Berea1/23/2009
WrestlingWrestling vs Wade Hampton1/26/2009
FreshmenFreshman Assembly with Keith Davis1/26/2009
BasketballBoys Basketball vs JL Mann1/27/2009
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs JL Mann1/27/2009
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Eastside1/30/2009
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Eastside1/30/2009
DramaNancy Basket Speaks to Drama Students2/3/2009
GeneralMr. TR Contest (Photos by C. Poore)2/5/2009
SoccerAlice Blackwell Signs with Presbyterian College2/5/2009
GeneralFeb. 2009 SAT Workshop 2/5/2009
AthleticsSenior Night for Winter Sports2/6/2009
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Greenville2/6/2009
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greenville2/6/2009
BasketballJV Girls Basketball vs Mann2/10/2009
BasketballJV Boys Basketball vs Mann2/10/2009
AthleticsFloyd Signs with Southern Wesleyan University2/12/2009
AthleticsPep Rally for Winter Sports2/12/2009
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs AC Flora in Playoffs2/16/2009
DramaBaby - a TRHS Drama Production2/19/2009
Other (DECA)DECA at State Competition (Photos by Mrs. Brailsford)2/23/2009
PageantMiss TRHS 2009 - Entertainment and Misc3/7/2009
PageantMiss TRHS 2009 - Freshmen and Sophomores3/7/2009
PageantMiss TRHS 2009 - Juniors and Seniors3/7/2009
PageantMiss TRHS 2009 - Talent3/7/2009
PageantMiss TRHS 2009 - Awards3/7/2009
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Blue Ridge3/9/2009
BaseballBaseball vs Pickens3/10/2009
TrackTrack vs Woodmont3/12/2009
DramaAunt Pearlie Sue Visits TRHS3/13/2009
OtherAunt Pearlie Sue Master Class3/13/2009
SoftballVarsity Softball vs Eastside3/17/2009
Spirit WeekHypnotist Show for Spirit Week3/27/2009
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Southside3/31/2009
Other (Spirit Week)Spirit Week Three on Three Basketball4/1/2009
Other (Spirit Week)Whose Line is It Program4/1/2009
Other (Spirit Week)Womanless Beauty Pageant 2009 (by C. Poore)4/2/2009
Other (Spirit Week)Spirit Week Jail a Teacher4/2/2009
Other (Spirit Week)Spirit Week Senior Servants4/2/2009
Other (Spirit Week)Spirit Week Check Presentation4/3/2009
ChorusElementary Choral Festival4/14/2009
AthleticsTRHS Athletes Sign Letters of Intent4/17/2009
SoftballSoftball vs Mann 4/21/2009
SoftballSoftball vs Wade Hampton4/22/2009
SoccerBoys Soccer vs Greenville4/22/2009
SoftballJV Softball vs Wade Hampton4/22/2009
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Greenvillle4/22/2009
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Christ Church4/22/2009
BaseballJV Baseball vs Christ Church4/22/2009
SoftballSoftball vs Berea4/24/2009
SoftballSoftball Playoffs vs BHP4/30/2009
DramaWDOG Radio Musical Variety Show4/30/2009
GeneralProm 2009 - Senior Walk5/2/2009
GeneralProm 2009 - A Night in Venice5/2/2009
AthleticsSpring Sports Senior Night5/7/2009
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Berea5/7/2009
SoftballSoftball vs BHP - District 1 Championship5/7/2009
SoccerGirls Soccer vs Berea5/7/2009
TennisBoys' Tennis vs BHP - Playoff First Round5/7/2009
SoftballSoftball vs Blue Ridge - Playoffs5/9/2009
GeneralSenior Awards Night5/12/2009
SeniorsYearbook Day for Seniors5/15/2009
TennisTRHS Tennis Leaves for Upper State Championship5/15/2009
Cross CountryBowles Signs with USC-Upstate5/20/2009
FootballPowderpuff 2009 Championship - Seniors vs Juniors5/22/2009
FootballSpring Football Scrimmage5/22/2009
FootballPowderpuff 2009 - Freshmen vs Juniors5/22/2009
FootballPowderpuff 2009 - Seniors vs Sophomores5/22/2009
FootballPowderpuff 2009 - Freshmen vs Sophomores5/22/2009
GeneralUnderclass Awards Night 20095/29/2009
SeniorsTRHS Graduation 20096/3/2009
FootballTRHS vs CCES in the FCA Jamboree8/8/2009
Student CouncilFirst Day Skits8/19/2009
Student CouncilBack to School Blowout8/21/2009
OtherGraduate Greenville Photos8/22/2009
FootballTRHS vs Berea Football Game8/28/2009
VolleyballVolleyball at Blue Ridge (photos by L. Tripp)9/1/2009
FootballJV Football vs Riverside9/3/2009
FootballTRHS vs Riverside Varsity Football9/5/2009
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Greer9/8/2009
VolleyballVarsity Volleyball vs Blue Ridge9/8/2009
Student CouncilCountry Day at TRHS (Dress Up Day)9/11/2009
GeneralTRHS vs BRHS Pep Rally9/11/2009
FootballVarsity Football vs Blue Ridge9/12/2009
GeneralAttendance Blitz 2009 Posters9/21/2009
Cross CountryBoys' Cross Country at TRHS9/23/2009
GeneralArmy Special Ops Simulation Truck Visits TRHS9/23/2009
Cross CountryGirls' Cross Country at TRHS9/23/2009
GeneralHomecoming Parade 20099/24/2009
AthleticsHomecoming Pep Rally 20099/25/2009
GeneralHomecoming Ceremony 20099/25/2009
FootballVarsity Football vs Wahalla9/25/2009
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance at Homecoming9/25/2009
GeneralMechatronics Demonstration 10/1/2009
FootballJV Football vs JL Mann10/1/2009
FootballVarsity Football at Wade Hampton 10/9/2009
AthleticsCoaches 4 Character Award10/13/2009
GeneralSophomores Visit Enoree10/14/2009
FootballVarsity Football vs Greenville (Youth Night)10/16/2009
VolleyballVolleyball vs Berea10/22/2009
FFAFFA Farm Day 200910/22/2009
VolleyballJV Volleyball vs Berea10/22/2009
GeneralFall Senior Night10/23/2009
FootballVarsity Football vs Eastside10/23/2009
GeneralThe Travelers Mug Grand Opening10/27/2009
Other (NHS)NHS Fall Festival 200910/27/2009
DramaCrimes of the Heart Dress Rehearsal11/4/2009
Student CouncilTRHS November Blood Drive11/5/2009
Student CouncilCheck Presentation from George Coleman Ford11/5/2009
BasketballRebecca and Kayla Sign with Colleges11/11/2009
SoftballDunn Signs with North Greenville11/12/2009
Other (Fine Arts)Evening of the Arts11/12/2009
BasketballGirls Basketball Scrimmage vs Southside11/13/2009
SeniorsDemandTec/Bi-Lo Challenge Photos11/16/2009
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Seneca11/20/2009
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Greenville11/21/2009
AthleticsMason Signs with Converse College11/23/2009
BasketballGreenville Co. Tourney - TR vs Blue Ridge11/23/2009
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greer in the G'ville Co. Tournament11/24/2009
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Pickens12/1/2009
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Pickens12/1/2009
WrestlingWrestling vs TC Roberson12/2/2009
PageantsMiss TRHS Gallery 112/5/2009
PageantsMiss TRHS Gallery 2 (Presentations)12/5/2009
PageantsMiss TRHS Pageant - Casual Wear and Talent12/5/2009
PageantsMiss TRHS - Evening Wear12/5/2009
WrestlingDevildog Duals 200912/12/2009
WrestlingWrestling vs Berea12/14/2009
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Daniel12/15/2009
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Daniel12/15/2009
BandWinter Band Concert12/17/2009
FootballSearfoss Introduced as Head Football Coach1/7/2010
GeneralDemandTec Finals in New York City1/12/2010
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Greenville1/19/2010
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greenville1/19/2010
WrestlingWrestling vs Greenville1/21/2010
DramaA Plot for Murder Drama Presentation1/22/2010
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Wade Hampton2/2/2010
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Wade Hampton2/2/2010
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Mann2/9/2010
Other (Devildog Dancers)Devildog Dancers at Halftime of the Mann Games2/9/2010
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Mann2/9/2010
AthleticsWinter Sports Senior Night 20102/11/2010
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Berea2/11/2010
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Berea2/11/2010
GeneralHealth Fair in the Media Center2/12/2010
Student CouncilBlood Drive - Feb. 12, 20102/12/2010
FootballHunt Signs with Brevard College2/19/2010
PageantsMr. TR Pageant 2010 Part 12/25/2010
PageantsMr. TR Pageant 2010 Part 22/25/2010
GeneralBlack History Month Presentation2/26/2010
Other (DECA)DECA State Competition 2010 (Photos by B. Laughter)3/1/2010
AthleticsMeet and Greet Coach Searfoss3/4/2010
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Blue Ridge3/6/2010
SoftballSoftball vs Blue Ridge3/8/2010
BaseballJV Baseball vs Christ Church3/9/2010
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Carolina3/9/2010
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Mauldin3/9/2010
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Carolina3/9/2010
Student CouncilRegional Powderpuff Games3/19/2010
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2010 - Hypnotist Show3/19/2010
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2010 - Ping Pong Tournament3/19/2010
SeniorsGreenville Tech Information Meeting3/19/2010
FootballFootball Team Community Service Project (Photos by Austin Case)3/20/2010
Student CouncilThree on Three Basketball - Spirit Week 20103/22/2010
DramaWhose Line is it Anyway - Spirit Week 20103/22/2010
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2010 - Volleyball3/23/2010
GolfGolf Team Photos3/24/2010
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2010 Check Presentation3/27/2010
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Wade Hampton4/6/2010
SoftballSoftball vs Berea4/6/2010
BaseballBaseball vs Berea4/6/2010
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Wade Hampton4/6/2010
BaseballJV Baseball vs Berea4/6/2010
TrackHome Track Meet vs Mann/Berea/Woodmont4/7/2010
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Mann4/7/2010
DramaHonk! Dress Rehearsal4/14/2010
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Eastside4/19/2010
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Eastside4/19/2010
SoccerSoccer Senior Night 20104/19/2010
AthleticsSenior Night for Baseball and Track4/20/2010
TennisSenior Recognition for Tennis4/21/2010
GeneralRelay for Life 20104/23/2010
SeniorsProm 2010 - Senior Walk4/25/2010
SeniorsProm 2010 at Twigs4/25/2010
GolfMore Golf Photos4/26/2010
SoftballSoftball Playoff Game vs BHP4/29/2010
GeneralCritter Keeper Programs5/6/2010
TennisBoys' Tennis vs AC Flora - Playoffs5/6/2010
AthleticsTRHS Athletes Sign Letters of Intent5/11/2010
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Chapin - Playoffs5/11/2010
SeniorsSenior Awards Night 20105/13/2010
SeniorsSenior Yearbook Day5/14/2010
GeneralUnderclassmen Yearbook Day5/14/2010
SoccerGirls Soccer vs Greenville in Playoffs5/14/2010
ChorusSpring Chorus Concert5/16/2010
BasketballBrown Signs with USC Upstate5/18/2010
BandSymphonic Band Spring Concert5/20/2010
FootballSpring Football Game5/21/2010
FootballPowderpuff 2010 - Sophomores vs Seniors5/24/2010
FootballPowderpuff 2010 - Freshmen vs Sophomores5/24/2010
FootballPowderpuff 2010 - Freshmen vs Seniors5/24/2010
GeneralUnderclassmen Awards Night 20105/25/2010
SeniorsClass of 2010 Graduation6/2/2010
FootballDevildogs vs Southside Christian in the FCA Jamboree8/7/2010
Student CouncilFirst Day Skits8/16/2010
Student CouncilFirst Day Blowout8/16/2010
VolleyballVolleyball Scrimmage vs Blue Ridge8/17/2010
FootballVarsity Football vs Christ Church Episcopal School8/20/2010
GolfGirls' Golf vs Blue Ridge9/2/2010
CheerleadersCheerleading Showcase9/7/2010
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Blue Ridge9/14/2010
VolleyballVolleyball vs Blue Ridge9/14/2010
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance9/17/2010
FootballVarsity Football vs Pickens9/17/2010
FootballCommunity Service Project9/18/2010
Other - Teacher CadetsTeacher Cadets Activities9/21/2010
Cross CountryCross Country Home Meet vs Eastside and Southside9/22/2010
FreshmenFreshmen Assembly 9/23/2010
GeneralHomecoming Parade 20109/30/2010
FootballHomecoming Pregame Ceremony10/1/2010
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance Homecoming10/1/2010
FootballVarsity Football vs Southside10/1/2010
FootballHomecoming Pep Rally 201010/1/2010
FootballVarsity Football vs Wade Hampton 10/8/2010
Other (FFA)Farm Day 201010/22/2010
FootballVarsity Football at Eastside10/22/2010
Other (IB)IB Students at Shred Day10/23/2010
Other (NHS)Fall Festival 201010/28/2010
AthleticsPep Rally - Oct. 29, 201010/29/2010
GeneralFall 2010 Senior Night 10/29/2010
FootballVarsity Football vs Berea10/29/2010
Student CouncilNovember Blood Drive11/1/2010
BasketballGirls' Basketball Scrimmage vs Hillcrest11/8/2010
Fine ArtsWinthrop Band Concert at TRHS11/10/2010
DramaD2 Stageworks Presents 'Check, Please!'11/19/2010
CheerleadersCheerleaders at State11/20/2010
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Greenville Tech Charter11/22/2010
PageantsMiss TRHS Gallery 2 (Casual Wear and Talent)12/3/2010
PageantsMiss TRHS Gallery 3 (Evening Wear)12/3/2010
PageantsMiss TRHS Gallery 4 (Finale and Presentations)12/3/2010
PageantsMiss TRHS Gallery 1 (Opening and Introductions)12/3/2010
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Greer12/9/2010
Devildog DancersDevildog Dancers at the TR-Greer Game12/9/2010
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Greer12/9/2010
WrestlingDevildog Duals 201012/11/2010
ChorusWinter Choral Concert 201012/12/2010
BandSymphonic Winds Winter Concert12/17/2010
BasketballJV Girls' Basketball vs Eastside1/7/2011
BasketballJV Boys' Basketball vs Eastside1/7/2011
GeneralSnow Day Photos1/11/2011
Devildog DancersDevildog Dancers at the TR-Berea Game1/21/2011
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Berea1/21/2011
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Berea1/21/2011
WrestlingWrestling vs Wade Hampton1/24/2011
AthleticsHall of Fame Ceremony 20111/28/2011
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Eastside1/28/2011
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Eastside1/28/2011
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Wade Hampton2/3/2011
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Wade Hampton2/3/2011
AthleticsSenior Night 2011 for Winter Sports2/4/2011
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greenville2/4/2011
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Greenville2/4/2011
WrestlingRegion 2 Wrestling Tournament at TRHS2/5/2011
PageantsMr. TR Pageant Casual Wear2/7/2011
PageantsMr. TR Pageant Formal Wear and Results2/7/2011
GeneralClass Ring Pizza Parties2/11/2011
Other (TR Green)TR Green Tree Planting (Photos by Erin Ogletree)2/14/2011
Student CouncilBlood Drive, Feb. 20112/16/2011
Drama'A Thousand Cranes' Production by D2 Stageworks2/17/2011
GeneralBlack History Month Program2/25/2011
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Carolina2/25/2011
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2011 Gallery 13/4/2011
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2011 - Quidditch 3/7/2011
SoftballSoftball vs Riverside3/7/2011
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Blue Ridge3/7/2011
DramaSpirit Week 2011 - Drama Buyout3/8/2011
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Blue Ridge3/8/2011
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2011 - Donkey Basketball3/8/2011
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2011 - Three on Three Basketball3/8/2011
FFADonkey Basketball - Feb. 20033/9/2011
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2011 - Soccer Buyout3/9/2011
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2011 - Check Presentation3/11/2011
TrackTrack Meet vs Wade Hampton3/17/2011
SeniorsEdison Receives Erskine Presidential Scholarship3/21/2011
SoccerBoys Soccer vs Greer3/22/2011
SoftballSoftball vs Greenville3/22/2011
Other (Robotics)Robotics Team Competition in Charleston (by M. LeBreton)3/24/2011
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Eastside3/24/2011
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Eastside3/24/2011
Other (Fine Arts)Art Projects on Display3/25/2011
BaseballBaseball vs Berea3/29/2011
Drama'The Music Man' Dress Rehearsal4/4/2011
GolfBoys Golf vs Eastside and Hillcrest4/4/2011
Drama'The Music Man' Matinee Photos4/8/2011
BaseballSenior Night - Baseball vs Southside4/12/2011
AthleticsMcCarson Signs With Erskine4/13/2011
SoftballSoftball Senior Night vs Berea4/15/2011
SoftballJV Softball vs Berea4/15/2011
TennisBoys' Tennis Senior Recognition4/27/2011
SoftballSoftball vs York4/28/2011
BaseballBaseball vs Nation Ford4/28/2011
SoftballSoftball at Nation Ford4/29/2011
SeniorsProm 20114/30/2011
SeniorsProm 2011 - Senior Walk4/30/2011
BaseballBaseball vs Nation Ford - Game 3 of Playoffs5/2/2011
SoftballSoftball vs York - Game 3 of Playoffs5/2/2011
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Greenville5/3/2011
SeniorsSenior Night for Soccer, Track, and Boys' Golf5/3/2011
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Greenville5/3/2011
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Union County in Playoffs5/5/2011
Student CouncilMay Blood Drive5/6/2011
SeniorsSenior Awards Night 20115/12/2011
TennisBoys Tennis vs BHP for Upper State Championship5/12/2011
ChorusSpring Choral Concert5/15/2011
GeneralUnderclassmen Yearbook Day 20115/16/2011
SeniorsYearbook Day and Senior Send-Off5/16/2011
SeniorsChelsea Tripp Signs with North Greenville University5/17/2011
DramaD2 Stageworks Awards Banquet5/17/2011
SeniorsChris Peek Signs with Mars Hill College5/20/2011
FootballPowderPuff 2011 - Juniors vs Freshmen5/20/2011
Football PowderPuff 2011 - Seniors vs Sophomores5/20/2011
FootballPowderPuff 2011 - Juniors vs Sophomores Championship5/20/2011
Football Spring Football Game 20115/20/2011
Fine ArtsArt Projects with Recycled Books5/23/2011
GeneralUnderclassmen Awards Night 20115/24/2011
SeniorsClass of 2011 Graduation5/31/2011
Student CouncilNational Association of Student Councils Convention7/4/2011
BandSummer Band Camp8/1/2011
FootballSummer Football Camp8/1/2011
FootballFootball vs Southside Christian in FCA Jamboree8/6/2011
Student CouncilDog Training 2011 - Freshman Orientation8/9/2011
Student CouncilFirst Day Skits 20118/17/2011
FootballJV Football vs Powdersville8/18/2011
FootballVarsity Football vs Christ Church8/19/2011
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Aug. 26, 20118/26/2011
FootballVarsity Football vs Landrum8/26/2011
FootballC Team Football vs Greer9/1/2011
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Blue Ridge9/7/2011
Cross CountryGirls' Cross Country vs Wade Hampton9/7/2011
Cross CountryBoys' Cross Country vs Wade Hampton9/7/2011
General2011 Homecoming Parade9/8/2011
GeneralHomecoming Pep Rally9/9/2011
FootballVarsity Football vs Chapman9/9/2011
GeneralHomecoming Pregame Ceremony9/9/2011
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Sep. 9, 20119/9/2011
VolleyballJV Volleyball vs Greenville9/14/2011
VolleyballVolleyball vs Greenville9/14/2011
VolleyballVolleyball vs Eastside9/20/2011
Student CouncilStudent Council at District Rally9/22/2011
FootballVarsity Football vs Blue Ridge9/23/2011
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Sep. 23, 20119/23/2011
FootballVarsity Football vs Southside9/30/2011
Other (FFA)Farm Day 201110/7/2011
FootballFootball at Wade Hampton10/7/2011
FootballFootball vs Greenville10/14/2011
BandGolden Regiment Pregame Oct. 14, 201110/14/2011
FootballTRYA Youth Night10/14/2011
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Wade Hampton10/18/2011
Student CouncilFall Pep Rally 10/21/2011
AthleticsFall 2011 Senior Night Recognition10/21/2011
FootballVarsity Football vs Eastside10/21/2011
VolleyballVolleyball vs Seneca - First Round of Playoffs10/25/2011
CheerleadersRegion Cheerleading Championship10/26/2011
NHSNHS Fall Festival10/27/2011
FootballVarsity Football vs Berea10/28/2011
DramaHaunted High School Photos (by K. Hardesty)10/29/2011
BandGolden Regiment at the SC State Marching Band Championship Finals10/29/2011
BandSCBDA Marching Band Finals (Other Bands)10/29/2011
Student CouncilNovember Blood Drive11/8/2011
BasketballGirls Basketball vs West Oak11/18/2011
Student CouncilHunger and Homelessness Awareness Sleepout11/18/2011
CheerleadersCheerleaders at State 201111/19/2011
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Southside Christian11/21/2011
BasketballJV Girls' Basketball vs Greer12/1/2011
BasketballJV Boys Basketball vs Greer12/1/2011
BasketballVarsity Girls Basketball vs Christ Church12/2/2011
BasketballVarsity Boys Basketball vs Christ Church12/2/2011
PageantsMiss TRHS Talent Competition12/3/2011
PageantsMiss TRHS Evening Wear12/3/2011
PageantsMiss TRHS Results12/3/2011
PageantsMiss TRHS Opening and Casual Wear12/3/2011
WrestlingWrestling vs Landrum12/5/2011
BandSymphonic Winds 2011 Winter Concert12/8/2011
ChorusHonors Chorus 2011 Winter Concert12/8/2011
BasketballVarsity Girls Basketball vs Blue Ridge12/15/2011
BasketballVarsity Boys Basketball vs Blue Ridge12/15/2011
Athletics2012 TRHS Athletic Hall of Fame Induction 1/6/2012
Other (Dance Team)Devildog Dancers at the Eastside Games1/6/2012
BasketballVarsity Boys Basketball vs Eastside1/6/2012
BasketballVarsity Girls Basketball vs Eastside1/6/2012
WrestlingWrestling vs Greenville1/19/2012
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Wade Hampton1/31/2012
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Wade Hampton1/31/2012
AthleticsWinter Sports Senior Night2/9/2012
Other (Dance Team)Devildog Dancers at the Berea Game2/9/2012
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Berea2/9/2012
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Berea2/9/2012
Student CouncilFebruary Blood Drive2/16/2012
WrestlingUpper State Wrestling2/17/2012
DramaPhotos from D2 Stageworks at State Competition (by L. LeBreton)2/17/2012
SoftballSoftball Alumni Game 20122/18/2012
BaseballBaseball vs Asheville2/25/2012
PageantsFreshman and Sophomore Class Beauties Pageant3/1/2012
DramaDrama Workshops3/1/2012
PageantsJunior and Senior Class Beauties Pageant3/2/2012
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Blue Ridge3/6/2012
BandSymphonic Winds Pre-Festival Concert3/8/2012
BandNorthwest Middle School Band Concert3/8/2012
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Eastside3/13/2012
SoftballVarsity Softball vs Wade Hampton3/15/2012
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Christ Church3/16/2012
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs JL Mann3/16/2012
TrackTrack vs Blue Ridge3/19/2012
Student CouncilSpirit Week - 3 on 3 Basketball3/23/2012
Student CouncilSpirit Week - Womanless Beauty Pageant3/23/2012
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Wade Hampton3/26/2012
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2012 - Dodge Ball3/27/2012
SoftballSoftball vs Berea3/27/2012
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2012 - Drama3/28/2012
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2012 - Soccer3/28/2012
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2012 - Jail a Teacher and More3/29/2012
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Wade Hampton4/10/2012
GolfBoys' Golf Photos (submitted by A. Nelson)4/13/2012
DramaSweet Williamstown: Memories of Titanic4/13/2012
SoftballSoftball vs Greenville (Pink Out Night)4/13/2012
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Eastside4/16/2012
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Eastside4/16/2012
AthleticsArledge Signs Letter of Intent4/18/2012
BaseballBaseball vs Pickens (Senior Night)4/19/2012
SoftballSoftball vs Blue Ridge (Senior Night)4/19/2012
AthleticsMarrah and Turner Sign Letters of Intent4/20/2012
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Greenville4/23/2012
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Greenville4/23/2012
AthleticsSenior Night for Soccer and Golf4/23/2012
GolfBoys' Golf at Region4/25/2012
SoftballSoftball vs West Oak (Playoff Game)4/26/2012
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Greenville (Sr. Night)4/26/2012
SeniorsProm 2012 Senior Walk4/28/2012
SeniorsProm 20124/28/2012
SoftballSoftball vs Eastside4/28/2012
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Greenville 4/30/2012
Student CouncilMay Blood Drive5/1/2012
BaseballBaseball vs Greenville in Playoffs5/2/2012
DramaSingin' in the Rain Dress Rehearsal5/2/2012
AthleticsChilds Signs Letter of Intent with NGU5/9/2012
AthleticsJustice and Kee Sign Letters of Intent5/10/2012
Seniors2012 Senior Awards Night5/10/2012
DramaDrama 2 Comedy School Performance5/11/2012
SeniorsSenior Yearbook Day5/15/2012
Other (Yearbook)Underclassmen Yearbook Day 5/15/2012
ChoirSpring Choral Concert5/15/2012
BandSymphonic Winds and Jazz Band Spring Concert5/17/2012
FootballPowderpuff 2012 - Freshmen vs Sophomores5/18/2012
FootballSpring Football Game5/18/2012
Fine ArtsArt Class Exhibit5/18/2012
FootballPowderpuff 2012 - Sophomores vs Seniors5/18/2012
FootballPowderpuff 2012 - Juniors vs Seniors5/18/2012
GeneralUnderclassmen Awards Night 5/22/2012
SeniorsClass of 2012 Graduation Gallery 16/1/2012
SeniorsClass of 2012 Graduation Gallery 26/1/2012
Student CouncilDog Training 20128/14/2012
FootballVarsity Football vs West-Oak8/17/2012
FootballVarsity Football at Liberty8/25/2012
VolleyballVarsity Volleyball vs JL Mann8/30/2012
FootballJV Football vs Chapman8/30/2012
FreshmenClass of 2016 Freshman Assembly8/31/2012
Cross CountryGirls Cross Country vs Greenville and Greer9/5/2012
Cross CountryBoys Cross Country vs Greenville and Greer9/5/2012
FootballD-Team Football vs Blue Ridge9/5/2012
GolfGirls' Golf vs Greenville9/6/2012
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Southside9/10/2012
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance on Sept. 149/14/2012
FootballVarsity Football vs Pickens9/14/2012
GeneralHomecoming Parade 20129/27/2012
AthleticsHomecoming Pep Rally9/28/2012
AthleticsHomecoming Pregame Ceremony9/28/2012
FootballVarsity Football vs Southside9/28/2012
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance on Sept. 289/28/2012
FootballJV Football vs Blue Ridge10/4/2012
GolfGirls' Golf at Region 2 Tournament10/8/2012
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Greenville10/10/2012
Other (FFA)Farm Day 2012 Set 2 (by J. Stepp)10/12/2012
Other (FFA)Farm Day 2012 Set 3 (by K. Cartee)10/12/2012
SeniorsCollege Application Day10/12/2012
Other (FFA)Farm Day 2012 Set 110/12/2012
BandGolden Regiment Pre-Game Performance Oct. 1910/19/2012
FootballVarsity Football vs Eastside10/19/2012
OtherCandidate Forum at TRHS10/25/2012
FootballFootball vs Berea10/26/2012
BandGolden Regiment Pre-Game Performance Oct. 2610/26/2012
AthleticsFall Senior Night at Halftime10/26/2012
FootballPep Rally for the Berea Game10/26/2012
NHSFall Festival 201210/30/2012
DramaThe Crane Wife11/1/2012
Student CouncilNovember 2012 Blood Drive11/2/2012
BasketballBoys' Basketball Scrimmage vs Riverside11/8/2012
GeneralDistracted Driving Program11/14/2012
OtherMr. TRHS Contest 201211/16/2012
BasketballVarsity Boys Basketball vs Southside Christian11/19/2012
BaseballJones Signs with College of Charleston11/19/2012
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Wade Hampton11/20/2012
OtherSophomore Field Trip to Enoree11/28/2012
PageantsMiss TRHS 2013 - Part 111/30/2012
PageantsMiss TRHS 2013 - Part 211/30/2012
WrestlingWrestling vs Ware Shoals12/3/2012
BasketballVarsity Girls' Basketball vs Daniel12/4/2012
Basketball1962-63 Basketball State Championship Ceremony12/7/2012
BasketballJV Boys Basketball vs Greer (and Bonfire)12/11/2012
BasketballJV Girls Basketball vs Greer12/11/2012
OtherDevildog Dancers at the Southside Basketball Game12/14/2012
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Southside12/14/2012
BandSymphonic Band Winter Concert12/18/2012
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Eastside1/8/2013
BasketballVarsity Girls Basketball vs Eastside1/8/2013
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Berea1/11/2013
Athletics2013 Hall of Fame Ceremony1/11/2013
BasketballVarsity Girls Basketball vs Berea1/11/2013
BasketballVarsity Girls' Basketball vs Greer1/22/2013
DanceDevildog Dancers at TRHS-Greer Girls' Game1/22/2013
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Greer1/22/2013
WrestlingWrestling vs Berea1/23/2013
BasketballVarsity Girls Basketball vs Blue Ridge1/29/2013
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Greenville2/1/2013
Devildog DancersDevildog Dancers at the Greenville Basketball Game2/1/2013
AthleticsWinter Sports Senior Night2/1/2013
BasketballJV Girls Basketball vs Southside2/8/2013
BasketballJV Boys Basketball vs Southside2/8/2013
DramaHush Little Celia, Don't Say a Word2/21/2013
Student CouncilFebruary 2013 Blood Drive 2/22/2013
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Greer Middle College3/4/2013
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Wade Hampton3/4/2013
BandNorthwest Middle Band Pre-Festival Concert3/7/2013
SoftballVarsity Softball vs Greer3/7/2013
BandSymphonic Winds Pre-Festival Concert3/7/2013
TrackTrack vs Eastside3/13/2013
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Greer3/13/2013
GeneralMilton Creagh Assembly3/19/2013
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2013 - 3 on 3 Basketball3/22/2013
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2013 - Dodge Ball3/25/2013
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2013 - Soccer3/26/2013
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2013 - Womanless Pageant3/26/2013
Softball2nd Annual Softball Alumni Game3/30/2013
SoftballVarsity Softball vs Blue Ridge4/9/2013
SoftballJV Softball vs Blue Ridge4/9/2013
Other (CATE)Business Week Sponsored by the CATE Department4/12/2013
Fine ArtsAdvanced Art Class Exhibit at Williams Hardware4/12/2013
SoccerBoys Soccer vs Greer4/15/2013
SoccerGirls Soccer vs Greer4/15/2013
VolleyballTripp Commits to Presbyterian College4/16/2013
SoftballSoftball vs Eastside (Sr. Night)4/16/2013
BaseballMapes Signs with The Citadel4/17/2013
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Berea (Sr. Night)4/18/2013
OtherProm 20134/20/2013
OtherProm 2013 Senior Walk4/20/2013
TrackTrack at Region 2 Tournament (by J. Duty)4/24/2013
DramaSeussical Dress Rehearsal Act 14/24/2013
DramaSeussical Dress Rehearsal Act 24/24/2013
TennisTennis Senior Night4/25/2013
BaseballBaseball vs Wahalla (Playoffs)4/29/2013
SoftballSoftball vs Wahalla (Playoffs)4/30/2013
SoccerSenior Night for Soccer5/2/2013
SoccerGirls Soccer vs Berea5/2/2013
SoccerBoys Soccer vs Berea5/2/2013
Student CouncilMay 2013 Blood Drive5/3/2013
FacultySwamp Rabbit 5K5/3/2013
Fine ArtsSpring Choral Concert5/9/2013
Fine ArtsHeritage Elementary at Spring Choral Concert5/9/2013
Fine ArtsNorthwest Middle School Choir 5/9/2013
BaseballBaseball vs Eastside (Playoffs)5/10/2013
AthleticsAthletic Awards Night5/14/2013
FootballPowderpuff Championship 2013 - Juniors vs Seniors5/17/2013
FootballSpring Football Game5/17/2013
FootballPowderpuff 2013 - Sophomores vs Seniors5/17/2013
OtherYearbook Day for Underclassmen5/17/2013
SeniorsSenior Sendoff and Yearbook Day5/17/2013
FootballPowderpuff 2013 - Freshmen vs Juniors5/17/2013
Cross CountryFerguson and Wilkinson Sign with NGU5/21/2013
SeniorsSenior Awards Night5/21/2013
SoccerEdwards Signs with SMC5/23/2013
BandSymphonic Winds Spring Concert5/23/2013
OtherUnderclassmen Awards Night5/28/2013
BasketballLambert Signs with Southern Wesleyan University5/30/2013
OtherBluebirds Visit the Reading Garden5/31/2013
SeniorsGraduation 2013 - Ceremony6/5/2013
SeniorsGraduation 2013 - Receiving Diplomas6/5/2013
SeniorsGraduation 2013 - Recessional and Outside6/5/2013
SeniorsGraduation 2013 - Arrival and Backstage6/5/2013
Football7 on 7 Competition (Photos by J. Duty)6/21/2013
FootballDevildogs Host 7 on 77/17/2013
FootballDevildogs Host 7 on 7 Competition7/25/2013
Student CouncilDog Training 20138/13/2013
Student CouncilFirst Day of School Assembly8/21/2013
FootballVarsity Football at West Oak8/23/2013
FreshmenFreshman Assembly8/28/2013
AthleticsFall Pep Rally8/30/2013
FootballVarsity Football vs Liberty8/30/2013
FootballVarsity Football vs Chapman9/6/2013
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Sep. 69/6/2013
FootballD Team Football vs Eastside9/11/2013
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Greer9/11/2013
VolleyballVolleyball vs Greer9/12/2013
Cross CountryCross Country Home Meet9/18/2013
OtherNW Council PTA Superintendant's Breakfast at TRHS9/18/2013
FootballJV Football vs Pickens9/19/2013
Student CouncilSeptember Blood Drive9/20/2013
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Greenville9/23/2013
FootballVarsity Football vs Greer9/27/2013
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Sep. 279/27/2013
GolfGirls' Golf vs Blue Ridge10/3/2013
FFAFarm Day 201310/4/2013
Cross CountryGirls' Cross Country Home Meet10/9/2013
Cross CountryBoys' Cross Country Home Meet10/9/2013
General2013 Homecoming Parade10/10/2013
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Oct 1110/11/2013
SeniorsCollege Application Day 201310/11/2013
GeneralHomecoming 2013 Pep Rally10/11/2013
GeneralHomecoming Pregame Ceremony10/11/2013
FootballFootball vs Blue Ridge10/11/2013
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Oct 1810/18/2013
SeniorsFall Senior Night Pre-game Ceremony10/18/2013
FootballVarsity Football vs Greenville10/18/2013
TR GreenTR Green Organic Garden10/24/2013
VolleyballJV Volleyball vs Berea10/24/2013
DramaTales from the Vault Dress Rehearsal10/24/2013
DramaTen Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Dress Rehearsal10/24/2013
VolleyballVolleyball vs Berea (Sr. Night)10/24/2013
Other (FFA)FFA Pumpkin Carving10/24/2013
NHS2013 Fall Festival10/29/2013
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Emerald in Playoffs10/29/2013
CheerleadersCheerleaders Win Region Championship10/30/2013
AthleticsFall Sports Pep Rally11/1/2013
FootballFootball vs Berea11/1/2013
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Chapman in Playoffs11/4/2013
TennisGirls Tennis Wins Upperstate Championship 11/6/2013
AthleticsCross Country and Girls Tennis Teams Head to State11/8/2013
TennisSenior Girls Tennis Players 2008-201311/8/2013
TennisGirls Tennis Team Wins AAA State Championship11/9/2013
CheerleadingCheerleaders at Upperstate Qualifier11/13/2013
DramaDrama Workshop Led By 'Anything Goes' Cast11/14/2013
TennisMcBride Signs with Presbyterian College11/14/2013
PageantMr. TR Pageant 2013 - Casual Wear11/21/2013
PageantMr. TR Pageant 2013 - Formal Wear and Results11/21/2013
BasketballVarsity Boys Basketball vs Blue Ridge11/25/2013
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Christ Church12/5/2013
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Christ Church12/5/2013
PageantsMiss TRHS Pageant 2014 - Part 112/6/2013
PageantsMiss TRHS Pageant 2014 - Part 212/6/2013
ChorusChorus Winter Concert12/19/2013
BandSymphonic Winds Winter Concert12/19/2013
Student CouncilToy Drive 201312/20/2013
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Greer (Photos by J. Duty)12/28/2013
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Wade Hampton (FCA Tournament)12/28/2013
WrestlingWrestling at Warrior Duals (Photos by J. Duty)1/4/2014
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Greenville1/10/2014
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Greenville1/10/2014
TennisGirls Tennis Team Receives State Championship Rings1/10/2014
WrestlingWrestling vs Greenville1/17/2014
BasketballJV Girls' Basketball vs Eastside1/21/2014
BasketballJV Boys' Basketball vs Eastside1/21/2014
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Pickens1/24/2014
Athletics2013 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony1/24/2014
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Pickens1/24/2014
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Southside1/31/2014
PageantsMiss Blue and Gold Pageant 2014 - Part 12/6/2014
PageantsMiss Blue and Gold Pageant 2014 - Part 22/6/2014
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Eastside2/10/2014
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Eastside2/10/2014
AthleticsWinter Sports Senior Night 20142/17/2014
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Berea2/17/2014
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Berea2/17/2014
Cross CountryDiBridge Signs with Winthrop University2/18/2014
DramaD2 Stageworks Presents 'The Diviners' 2/20/2014
BasketballBasketball Playoff Game Pep Rally2/20/2014
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Walhalla in Playoffs2/20/2014
Student CouncilWinter 2014 Blood Drive2/21/2014
BasketballBoys Basketball vs AC Flora in Playoffs2/22/2014
GeneralBlack History Month Assembly for The Ladies' Club2/27/2014
FootballPress Conference Introducing Coach Gould2/27/2014
GeneralBlack History Month Assembly for The Mans' Club2/27/2014
Fine ArtsArt Exhibit at Williams Hardware3/7/2014
TrackTrack and Field at Relays in at Byrnes HS (by J. Duty)3/8/2014
SoftballSoftball vs Pickens3/11/2014
TrackTrack and Field at Riverside Meet3/12/2014
BandNorthwest Middle School Pre-Festival Band Concert3/13/2014
BandSymphonic Winds Pre-Festival Concert3/13/2014
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Greer3/20/2014
SoftballSoftball vs Blue Ridge3/20/2014
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Greer3/20/2014
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Southside3/20/2014
ChoirSpring Choral Concert3/27/2014
TrackTrack Home Meet vs Berea and Blue Ridge3/27/2014
GolfBoys' Golf vs Blue Ridge4/1/2014
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Chapman4/2/2014
SoftballSoftball vs Eastside4/2/2014
TrackHome Track Meet vs Greer4/2/2014
TrackJV Track at Kevin Logan JV4/5/2014
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2014 - 3 on 3 Basketball4/7/2014
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2014 - Gallery 14/7/2014
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2014 - Jail a Teacher4/8/2014
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2014 - Soccer4/9/2014
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2014 - Womanless Beauty Pageant4/9/2014
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Pickens4/10/2014
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2014 - Dodgeball and Senior Servants4/10/2014
BaseballJV Baseball vs Berea4/10/2014
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2014 Check Presentation Assembly4/11/2014
TrackTrack at Eastside Eagles Relays (by J. Duty)4/12/2014
BasketballDeHart Signs with BJU4/22/2014
BaseballBaseball vs Blue Ridge (Senior Night 2014)4/23/2014
BasketballFisher Signs with Anderson University4/24/2014
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Christ Church4/25/2014
SoftballSoftball vs Berea4/25/2014
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Blue Ridge (Sr. Night)4/28/2014
SoccerSenior Night Ceremony for Soccer and Track4/28/2014
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Eastside4/28/2014
General2014 Swamp Rabbit 5K5/2/2014
Student CouncilBlood Drive - May 20145/2/2014
SeniorsProm 2014 - Senior Walk5/3/2014
GeneralProm 20145/4/2014
DramaYou're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Dress Rehearsal5/6/2014
SoccerDorsett and Walker Sign with SMC5/15/2014
SeniorsSenior Awards Night 20145/15/2014
FootballPowderpuff Football 20145/16/2014
FootballSpring Football Game 20145/16/2014
GeneralUnderclassmen Awards Night 20145/19/2014
SeniorsYearbook Day for Seniors5/20/2014
GeneralYearbook Day for Underclassmen5/20/2014
TrackWaynick Signs with Columbia College5/20/2014
BandSymphonic Winds Spring Concert5/22/2014
SeniorsGraduation 2014 - Leaving the Stage6/5/2014
SeniorsGraduation 2014 - Pre-Ceremony6/5/2014
SeniorsGraduation 2014 - Ceremony6/5/2014
Student CouncilStudent Council Car Wash Fundraiser6/6/2014
Student CouncilDog Training 2014 - Freshmen Orientation8/11/2014
FootballFootball vs Mauldin in Patriot Jamboree8/16/2014
Student CouncilFirst Day of Classes8/19/2014
Student CouncilPep Rally for the SS Christian Game8/22/2014
FootballVarsity Football vs Southside Christian8/22/2014
FreshmenFreshman Assembly for the Class of 20188/28/2014
FootballJV Football vs Landrum8/28/2014
VolleyballVarsity Volleyball vs Southside9/9/2014
FootballFootball vs Powdersville9/12/2014
FootballJV Football vs Chapman9/18/2014
VolleyballVarsity Volleyball vs Eastside9/18/2014
VolleyballJV Volleyball vs Eastside9/18/2014
GolfGirls' Golf vs Pickens9/23/2014
Cross CountryCross Country Home Meet10/1/2014
Student CouncilHomecoming Parade 201410/2/2014
Student CouncilHomecoming Pep Rally10/2/2014
FootballFootball vs Southside10/3/2014
Student CouncilHomecoming Court Ceremony at Halftime10/3/2014
BandGolden Regiment Performance at the Southside Game10/3/2014
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Emerald10/8/2014
GeneralTeacher Cadets Big Book Project (Photos by J. Duty)10/9/2014
VolleyballVolleyball vs Emerald10/9/2014
SeniorsCollege Application Day10/10/2014
TennisGirls' Tennis Senior Night10/13/2014
DramaD2 Stageworks 'Seance at TRHS' Dress Rehearsal10/20/2014
TennisGirls Tennis vs Lancaster (Playoff Round 1)10/23/2014
FootballVarsity Football vs Eastside10/24/2014
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance at the Eastside Game10/24/2014
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Daniel (Playoffs Round 2)10/27/2014
NHS2014 NHS Fall Festival10/28/2014
CheerleadersCheerleaders Host Region10/29/2014
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Chapin10/29/2014
Student CouncilHalloween Blood Drive10/31/2014
FootballFootball vs Berea10/31/2014
SeniorsSenior Night Ceremony for Fall Sports10/31/2014
Student CouncilFinal Fall Pep Rally10/31/2014
GolfHuskey Receives Honors11/6/2014
Fine ArtsVeterans' Day Concert11/11/2014
AthleticsFall Signing Day11/12/2014
PageantsMr. TR Pageant Casual (Photos by Emma Mathis)11/13/2014
PageantsMr. TR Pageant Formal (Photos by Emma Mathis)11/13/2014
Other2014 Sophomore Trip to Enoree (Photos by J. Duty)11/20/2014
DramaThe Crucible (Photos by Kelsey White-Kennedy11/21/2014
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greenville12/4/2014
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Greenville12/4/2014
PageantsMiss TRHS Pageant - Casual Wear and Talent12/5/2014
PageantsMiss TRHS Pageant - Formal Wear and Awards12/5/2014
WrestlingWrestling at Greer (by J. Duty)12/12/2014
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Southside12/18/2014
Fine ArtsWinter Concert 201412/18/2014
FootballCommunity Meeting for Football12/18/2014
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Southside12/18/2014
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Daniel in FCA Christmas Tourney Championship12/29/2014
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Berea1/15/2015
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Berea1/15/2015
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Greer1/27/2015
Athletics2015 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony1/27/2015
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Greer1/27/2015
WrestleWrestling vs Ware Shoals (Sr. Night)1/28/2015
BasketballJV Girls Basketball vs Southside1/30/2015
BasketballJV Boys Basketball vs Southside1/30/2015
AthleticsDevildogs Hold Winter Signing2/4/2015
Student CouncilFebruary 2015 Blood Drive2/6/2015
BasketballGirls Basketball vs Emerald2/6/2015
SeniorsSenior Night for Winter Sports2/6/2015
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Emerald2/6/2015
Student CouncilFebruary Pep Rally2/12/2015
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Charter in Playoffs2/19/2015
BasketballBoys Basketball vs Lower Richland in Playoffs2/20/2015
DramaD2 Stageworks Presents 'Small Actors' Dress Rehearsal2/23/2015
GeneralAssembly with Sam Wyche2/25/2015
PageantsMiss Blue and Gold Night 1 (by B. Woodard and K. Nease)3/5/2015
PageantsMiss Blue and Gold Night 2 (by B. Woodard and K. Nease)3/6/2015
TrackTrack at Greenville-Spartanburg Relays (by J. Duty)3/7/2015
SoccerGirls Soccer vs Chapman3/10/2015
SoccerBoys Soccer vs Chapman3/10/2015
SoftballSoftball vs Chapman3/10/2015
TrackTrack Home Meet vs BRHS and Emerald3/18/2015
GeneralBlack History Program 20153/20/2015
Student CouncilDrive 4 UR School 3/21/2015
TrackTrack and Field at the Kevin Logan Meet (by J. Duty)3/21/2015
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2015 - 3 on 3 Basketball3/23/2015
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2015 - Womanless Pageant3/24/2015
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2015 - Soccer3/24/2015
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2015 - Volleyball3/25/2015
TennisTennis vs Powdersville3/26/2015
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2015 - Dodgeball3/26/2015
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2015 - Check Presentation Pep Rally3/27/2015
TrackTrack Home Meet vs Berea and BRHS4/8/2015
BaseballBaseball vs Greer4/8/2015
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Southside4/9/2015
SoftballSoftball vs Berea4/9/2015
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Southside4/9/2015
Student CouncilApril 2015 Blood Drive4/10/2015
GolfBoys' Golf vs Greenville and Christ Church4/14/2015
Student CouncilPress Conference to Present Check to Honor Flight4/17/2015
GolfNix Signs with Spartanburg Methodist4/23/2015
AthleticsSpring Senior Athlete Recognitions4/23/2015
SoftballSoftball vs Wade Hampton4/23/2015
SoccerGirls Soccer vs Berea4/23/2015
SoccerBoys Soccer vs Berea4/23/2015
BaseballBaseball vs Emerald4/27/2015
SoccerGirls Soccer vs Emerald4/28/2015
DramaBeauty and the Beast Dress Rehearsal - Act I4/29/2015
DramaBeauty and the Beast Dress Rehearsal - Act II4/29/2015
BaseballBaseball vs Richland Northeast5/6/2015
SeniorsProm 2015 at Larkins' Sawmill5/9/2015
SeniorsProm 2015 Senior Walk5/9/2015
SeniorsSenior Awards Night 20155/12/2015
Fine ArtsSpring Choral Concert5/14/2015
BandSymphonic Winds Spring Concert5/18/2015
GeneralUnderclassmen Awards Night5/19/2015
SeniorsYearbook Day - Senior Sendoff5/20/2015
GeneralUnderclassmen Yearbook Day 5/20/2015
Football2015 Powderpuff Football Game (by Kayla Sanders)5/22/2015
Football2015 Spring Football Game (by Kayla Sanders)5/22/2015
SeniorsGraduation 2015 - Walking Across the Stage6/3/2015
SeniorsGraduation 2015 - Before and After the Ceremony6/3/2015
SeniorsGraduation Ceremony 2015 6/3/2015
FootballFootball Scrimmage with Ware Shoals8/7/2015
Student CouncilDog Training 2015 - Freshmen Orientation8/10/2015
FootballVarsity Football at Southside Christian8/21/2015
Student CouncilFall 2015 Pep Rally8/28/2015
FootballFootball vs Landrum8/28/2015
FreshmenFreshmen Assembly for the Class of 20199/3/2015
VolleyballVarsity Volleyball vs Greer9/3/2015
FootballVarsity Football at Powdersville9/11/2015
Student CouncilHomecoming Parade 20159/17/2015
Student CouncilHomecoming Ceremony 20159/18/2015
FootballFootball vs Chapman (Homecoming)9/18/2015
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performace - Sept. 18, 20159/18/2015
Student CouncilHomecoming Pep Rally 20159/18/2015
FootballFootball vs Greer9/25/2015
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Southside9/30/2015
AthleticsHometown Teams Smithsonian Exhibit10/9/2015
FootballFootball vs Blue Ridge10/9/2015
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performace - Oct. 9, 201510/9/2015
Student CouncilOctober Blood Drive10/9/2015
VolleyballJV Volleyball vs Berea (and Senior Volleyball Players)10/14/2015
SeniorsSenior Night for Fall Sports10/16/2015
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Oct. 16, 201510/16/2015
FootballFootball vs Emerald10/16/2015
SeniorsCollege Application Day 201510/25/2015
NHS2015 Fall Festival10/27/2015
DramaHush, Little Celia, Don't Say a Word10/27/2015
DramaTen Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse10/27/2015
FootballD Team Football vs Berea10/29/2015
FootballJV Football vs Berea10/29/2015
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Lower Richland in Playoffs10/29/2015
Student CouncilFall Pep Rally10/30/2015
FootballFootball at Berea10/30/2015
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Seneca in the Playoffs11/4/2015
SeniorsFall 2015 SIgning Ceremony11/11/2015
BasketballBoys' Basketball Scrimmage vs Carolina11/12/2015
Fine ArtsVeterans' Day Concert11/12/2015
FootballFootball at Greer in Playoffs11/13/2015
GeneralMr. TR Contest 201511/20/2015
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Wade Hampton12/1/2015
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Wade Hampton12/1/2015
WrestlingWrestling vs Greer12/9/2015
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greer12/15/2015
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Greer12/15/2015
BasketballJV Boys' Basketball vs Southside12/17/2015
BasketballJV Girls' Basketball vs Southside12/17/2015
Fine Arts2015 Winter Concert 12/17/2015
Fine ArtsArt Exhibition12/17/2015
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Woodmont (FCA Championship)12/30/2015
Athletics2016 Hall of Fame Ceremony1/8/2016
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Emerald1/8/2016
DramaD2 Stageworks Presents 'Baby'1/8/2016
Wrestling2016 Devildog Duals1/9/2016
BasketballC Team Basketball vs Greer1/26/2016
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Berea2/11/2016
Athletics2016 Winter Sports Senior Night Ceremony2/11/2016
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Berea2/11/2016
Student CouncilFebruary Blood Drive2/12/2016
PageantsMiss TRHS Pageant 20163/1/2016
AthleticsMarch 2nd, 2016 Signing Ceremony3/2/2016
PageantsMiss Blue and Gold 2016 - Casual Wear3/4/2016
PageantsMiss Blue and Gold 2016 - Formal Wear and Awards3/4/2016
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Berea3/9/2016
TrackTrack and Field at Greer Meet3/9/2016
AthleticsMarch 7th Signing Ceremony3/9/2016
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Greer3/10/2016
BandNorthwest Middle School Band Pre-Festival Concert3/10/2016
BandSymphonic Winds 2016 Pre-Festival Concert3/10/2016
SoccerGirls Soccer vs Southside3/15/2016
SoccerBoys Soccer vs Southside3/15/2016
SoftballSoftball vs Southside3/15/2016
TrackHome Track Meet vs BRHS and Southside3/16/2016
Student CouncilSpirit Week - Interview with Mr. Masters3/17/2016
Student CouncilSpirit Week - Day 13/17/2016
Student CouncilSpirit Week - Volleyball3/18/2016
Student CouncilSpirit Week - Soccer3/21/2016
Student CouncilSpirit Week - Ultimate Frisbee3/21/2016
Student CouncilSpirit Week - 3 x 3 Basketball3/22/2016
Student CouncilSpirit Week - Dodgeball3/23/2016
Student CouncilSpirit Week 2016 - Check Presentation Pep Rally3/24/2016
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Southside4/6/2016
TrackHome Track Meet vs Greer, Blue Ridge, and Eastside4/6/2016
SoftballSoftball vs Southside (Pink-Out Game)4/7/2016
Drama'The WDOG Radio Hour' Dress Rehearsal4/12/2016
Student CouncilApril 19th Honor Flight Press Conference4/18/2016
TennisBoys' Tennis Senior Night4/18/2016
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Eastside (Sr. Night)4/19/2016
SoftballSoftball vs Berea4/21/2016
SeniorsSpring Sports Senior Night4/21/2016
SeniorsApril 2016 Signing Ceremony4/21/2016
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Berea4/22/2016
SoccerBoys' Soccer vs Berea4/22/2016
TrackTrack at Region 2 Meet4/28/2016
Student CouncilApril Blood Drive4/29/2016
General2016 Prom at Larkins Sawmill4/30/2016
SeniorsProm 2016 Senior Walk4/30/2016
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Dreher (Playoff)5/3/2016
SoftballSoftball vs Daniel in Playoffs5/6/2016
BandNorthwest Middle School Band Spring Concert5/12/2016
BandSymphonic Winds Spring Concert5/12/2016
SeniorsSenior Yearbook Day and Sendoff5/13/2016
GeneralPaws for Cause Fundraiser5/13/2016
GeneralUnderclassmen Yearbook Day5/13/2016
SeniorsSenior Awards Night5/17/2016
Fine ArtsChorus Spring Concert5/19/2016
FootballPowderpuff Football - Juniors vs Freshmen5/23/2016
FootballPowderpuff Football - Seniors vs Sophomores5/23/2016
FooPowderpuff Football - Sophomores vs Freshmen5/23/2016
FootballSpring Football Game5/23/2016
AcademicUnderclassmen Awards Night5/24/2016
BasketballVan Norden Signs with SWU6/1/2016
SeniorsGraduation 2016 - Ceremony6/2/2016
Seniors Graduation 2016 - Receiving Diplomas (L-Z)6/2/2016
SeniorsGraduation 2016 - Before and After the Ceremony6/2/2016
Seniors Graduation 2016 - Receiving Diplomas (A-K)6/2/2016
GeneralEarly Registration Photos8/11/2016
FreshmenDog Training 20168/11/2016
Student CouncilFirst Day Skits for 20168/16/2016
FootballVarsity Football vs Riverside8/19/2016
SwimmingSwim Team Meet at Del Norte Community Pool8/25/2016
FootballFall Pep Rally8/26/2016
FootballVarsity Football vs Berea8/26/2016
FreshmenFreshman Assembly for the Class of 20208/31/2016
Cross CountryBoys' Cross Country Pre-Region Meet8/31/2016
Cross CountryGirls' Cross Country Pre-Region Meet8/31/2016
Cross CountryJV Cross Country Pre-Region Meet8/31/2016
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Sept. 9, 20169/9/2016
FootballVarsity Football vs Carolina9/9/2016
FootballJV Football vs Riverside9/15/2016
TennisGirls' Tennis vs Southside9/15/2016
BandGolden Regiment at the Greenville County Marching Band Exhibition9/17/2016
GolfGirls' Golf vs Blue Ridge9/20/2016
GeneralHomecoming Parade 20169/22/2016
GeneralHomecoming Pep Rally9/23/2016
GeneralHomecoming Ceremony9/23/2016
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Sept. 23, 20169/23/2016
FootballFootball vs Southside (Homecoming)9/23/2016
VolleyballJV Volleyball vs Union County9/27/2016
VolleyballVarsity Volleyball vs Union County9/27/2016
CheerleadersDevildog Cheerleader Showcase9/28/2016
SeniorsCollege Application Day 201610/12/2016
FootballVarsity Football vs Eastside10/14/2016
BandGolden Regiment Halftime Performance - Oct. 14, 201610/14/2016
Cross CountryGirls Cross Country Region 2AAAA Meet10/15/2016
Cross CountryBoys Cross Country Region 2AAAA Meet10/15/2016
VolleyballVolleyball vs Pickens (Senior Night)10/18/2016
VolleyballJV Volleyball vs Pickens10/18/2016
DramaD2 Stageworks Evening of Comedy Dress Rehearsal10/19/2016
Student CouncilFall 2016 Blood Drive10/21/2016
TennisGirls Tennis vs Midland Valley (1st Round of Playoffs)10/26/2016
NHS2016 Fall Festival10/27/2016
SeniorsSenior Night Ceremony for Fall Sports10/28/2016
FootballVarsity Football vs Union County10/28/2016
TennisGirls Tennis vs Daniel (2nd Round of Playoffs)10/31/2016
Fine Arts Dept.Veterans' Day Concert11/10/2016
SoftballDunn Signs with Limestone College11/16/2016
PageantsMr. TR Contest11/17/2016
Fine ArtsFall 2016 Art Show11/29/2016
BasketballGirls' Basketball vs Greer Middle College11/29/2016
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Greer Middle College11/29/2016
BasketballJV Boys' Basketball vs Berea12/2/2016
BasketballC Team Basketball vs Berea12/2/2016
BasketballJV Girls' Basketball vs Berea12/2/2016
Student CouncilVolleyball Buyout for Toy Drive12/9/2016
WrestlingWrestling vs Pickens12/12/2016
WrestlingJV Wrestling vs Pickens and Carolina12/12/2016
BasketballVarsity Boys Basketball vs Broome in FCA Tournament12/27/2016
BasketballBoys' Basketball vs Seneca (FCA Championsip)12/29/2016
BasketballVarsity Girls' Basketball vs Eastside1/17/2017
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Eastside1/17/2017
Student CouncilSchool Board Appreciation Breakfast1/20/2017
BasketballVarsity Girls' Basketball vs Union Co.1/24/2017
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Union Co.1/24/2017
WrestlingWrestling vs Union1/25/2017
Athletics2017 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony1/31/2017
BasketballVarsity Girls' Basketball vs Pickens2/7/2017
AthleticsSenior Night for Winter Sports2/7/2017
BasketballVarsity Boys' Basketball vs Pickens2/7/2017
BasketballThe Red Coat and Other Short Plays2/8/2017
Student CouncilBlood Drive - February 20172/10/2017
BasketballVarsity Boys Basketball vs South Aiken in Playoffs2/15/2017
General2017 Black History Month Program2/16/2017
GeneralCollege and Career Fair 2/24/2017
PageantsMiss TRHS and Miss Blue and Gold Pageants - Part 13/3/2017
PageantsMiss TRHS and Miss Blue and Gold Pageants - Part 23/3/2017
SoccerGirls' Soccer vs Blue Ridge3/16/2017
BaseballVarsity Baseball vs Greer3/17/2017
TennisBoys' Tennis vs Eastside3/20/2017
TrackHome Track Meet vs Blue Ridge and Eastside3/22/2017
SoftballSoftball vs Berea3/23/2017

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