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Paris ES PTAWelcome to Paris!

The PTA at Paris is an active participant in the education of children at Paris.  We volunteer in classrooms, assist teachers in preparing materials for instruction, and raise money to fund special things.  Mr. Wise describes us as "legendary" because of our history of involvement in the school. 

The "P" in PTA stands for "Parent," and your children need you to be involved.  Everyone can be involved in some way - if you have thirty minutes, half a day, or all week!  Paris is a warm, friendly school, and we want you to feel welcomed and connected.  The more parents are involved, the stronger Paris is as a school, and the better it will be for our children. 

To find your niche, contact our Paris PTA ( or one of our 2023-2024 PTA Officers listed below.  We would love to hear from you, and we look forward to working alongside you for the betterment of our children at Paris!

PTA Forms

Payment Request Form - Approval must be obtained on all purchases. Signature of chairperson is required.

Received Funds Form - Form to properly turn in funds to the Treasurer.

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GCS School Visitor and Volunteer Guidelines

  • Level I (room helper, copier help)
  • Level II (field trip chaperone, mentor, tutor)

Paris ES PTA Officers

PTA E-Mail -

Co-Presidents Stephanie Lofink
Vice-President, Partnerships Mindi Moses
Vice-President, Service and Enrichment Annie Sevier

Krista Hilgeman
Sara Hinson (in training)

Secretary Whitney Edwards
Chair of Special and Standing Committees  


The Paris Elementary LED sign is a great way to recognize your child's birthday!

Details on how it works!

VERY IMPORTANT- Be sure to sign up at least one week in advance. The birthday greeting may be missed if it is not reserved at least one week in advance. Click on a link to sign up.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child’s birthday falls on a weekend, please choose either the Friday before or Monday after his/her birthday.

If your child’s birthday is in the summer (June or July), please use the May SignUpGenius link and sign up on the last days of school. Please provide the date of the child’s birthday as it will be displayed beside his/her name on the last week of school to recognize his/her special day.

  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February

Middle School Catalogs

Students entering middle school in the fall will need to make certain choices about the courses that they will take. Please find below a link to all middle schools.

All Middle School Catalogs