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Proviso 1A.20 states that to ensure the effective and efficient use of the funding provided by the General Assembly (Part IA, Section 1 XI.A.1) for school technology in the classroom and internet access, the State Department of Education shall approve teacher technology competency standards and local school districts must require teachers to demonstrate proficiency in these standards as part of each teacher's Professional Development plan. Evidence that districts are meeting the requirement is a prerequisite to expenditure of a district's technology funds.
All full-time personnel who maintain a Professional teaching certificate need to obtain and maintain technology proficiency. Building principals, assistant principals, and non-certified personnel are exempt. Administrative assistants at the building level are not exempt.
Educators should obtain their technology proficiency within one (1) year of receiving their Professional teaching certificate.
Currently, seven courses have been approved and meet the requirements set forth by Greenville County Schools. These courses are offered in varying schedules each spring, summer, and fall. Please visit to learn more about each course. You may select any one of the seven classes to meet the requirements for initial technology proficiency. Once you have completed the course, please follow the instructions under “How do I renew my technology proficiency?”
Certain advanced degree programs and college courses have been approved to fulfill the requirements for technology proficiency. Program descriptions and syllabi need to be submitted to for review and approval.
Technology Proficiency records are not transferred among districts or states as each district is required to develop and monitor its own requirements for proficiency. All GCS teachers are required to earn initial technology proficiency by completing one of the approved classes and renew this proficiency with thirty points of technology integration every subsequent five years. In some cases, graduate level technology integration courses will be accepted in lieu of one these courses. For review, please submit a course syllabus and transcript to Please note that teachers who transfer from other districts or states are given two years from their transfer dates to complete the requirements for technology proficiency in GCS.
Once you have received your initial technology proficiency, you will need thirty (30) hours of technology training to renew your proficiency every five years. For example, if you received initial technology proficiency in 2018, you will need 30 hours between 2018-2023 to renew your proficiency in 2023, an additional 30 hours between 2023-2028 to renew in 2028, etc. Please note that we make every effort to align your technology proficiency renewal dates with your Professional teaching certificate renewal dates to avoid confusion.
Technology trainings are workshops, in-services, conferences, etc. that focus on technology integration into classroom instruction. Trainings on interactive whiteboards, coding and robotics in the classroom, iPad apps, and G Suite tools, etc. would all be examples of technology trainings.
You can check your technology proficiency status on the South Carolina Department of Education website. For instructions on how to check your technology proficiency status, click here: Checking Your Technology Proficiency Status.
Technology trainings are offered yearly throughout the district. Hours can also be earned by attending state and national conferences.
You may receive a letter from the South Carolina Department of Education stating your non-compliance with State Proviso 1A.20, and your principal will receive a notice from Instructional Technology stating your non-compliance with State Proviso 1A.20.
A one-year extension may be granted, but you will still be in non-compliance with Proviso 1A.20. Requests for extensions should be made to Instructional Technology prior to the expiration date of the technology proficiency.
Yes, you can still renew your teaching certificate because technology proficiency is not tied to teacher certification.
You can maintain accurate records of your technology training hours on the Professional Development Portal under the “My PD” tab.
You can submit your request for initial technology proficiency or technology proficiency renewal by using our Technology Proficiency Submission Form. Requests for initial technology proficiency should be submitted as soon as you receive confirmation of successful course completion. Requests for technology proficiency renewals should be submitted the semester that your technology proficiency expires. For example, if your technology proficiency expires in June 2020, you can submit your request January - June 2020.
You did get credit, but your renewal credits for these classes are submitted to the SDE, not the district Professional Development tool. We do use the PD tool to register for these classes; however, you will not see any points associated with it under My PD. You can verify that your 60 SDE renewal credits for the class have been posted to your certificate by going to Navigate to the Educators tab and select Certification. Click “View Certification Status” and follow the steps to pull up your certificate. Look under “Renewal Credits.”

Technology Proficiency Status

Checking Your Technology Proficiency Status

All teachers can check his or her technology proficiency status on the South Carolina Department of Education website.

Checking your technology proficiency status

Technology Proficiency Classes

Classes for Initial Technology Proficiency

Currently, there are seven classes which have been approved and meet the requirements set forth by Greenville County Schools for initial technology proficiency.

Greenville County Schools makes a substantial financial investment to offer high interest, quality courses to GCS teachers. The expectation is that teachers will complete the courses in which they enroll.

Classes for Initial Technology Proficiency

Technology Proficiency Submit

Technology Proficiency Submission Form