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Teacher Spotlights

April 2019Abigail Schiferl

TANGLEWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL - This month’s honoree is Mrs. Abigail Schiferl, a math and science teacher at Tanglewood Middle School. Mrs. Schiferl is an educator who believes all students can learn and that technology can help expand the classroom experience into an everlasting lesson.

May 2019Marie Lemon

GREENVILLE EARLY COLLEGE - This month’s honoree is Mrs. Marie Lemon, a sixth grade science teacher at Greenville Early College. Mrs. Lemon is a dynamic and passionate educator who excels in problem-based learning. She establishes high expectations for her students, encourages creativity, and naturally integrates technology in all steps of the learning process. As a seasoned veteran, Mrs. Lemon has led professional development at her school, within the district, and at the national level.

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October 2019Arlene Enos

BEREA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Mrs. Arlene Enos, a fifth grade teacher at Berea Elementary School, has created a positive classroom culture where students use technology to not only master content but learn to live as digital citizens.

Mrs. Enos’ influence extends beyond the walls of her classroom. She regularly shares resources with colleagues, uses her classroom as a model classroom for district visits, and presents at the annual Upstate Technology Conference.

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November 2019Wanda Lumsden

BETHEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - The November recipient is Mrs. Wanda Lumsden, a second grade teacher at Bethel Elementary School. Mrs. Lumsden excels in creating a positive environment with seamless integration of technology with her students. She believes that all students are capable learners bringing unique gifts and creativity to the classroom.

As a seasoned veteran with twenty-four years of experience in education, her students receive the best of both worlds; a solid foundation in teaching and best practices that cater to her digital natives.

Mrs. Lumsden credits her social media professional learning network and district resources with many of the ideas implemented in her classroom. She actively shares failures and successes with her colleagues during school-level professional development sessions.

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