Your Unsung Heroes

2016 ACE Awards

Nominations for the fourth annual ACE Awards is now open! Each year a male and female student in 8thgrade in every middle school receive this award for demonstrating strong character and overcoming obstacles or hardships. This award is meant to be given to students who are “unsung heroes” in our school.  In other words, students who are doing good things each day, but are often not recognized for their efforts. Parents, teachers, students and community members are encouraged to nominate a student. Please click the link.


Free Energy Efficient Kit

Students don't forget to request your Free Energy Efficient Kit! These kits include:

Compact Florescent Bulbs, Energy-Efficient Showerhead, Energy-Efficient Limelight Style Night light, Kitchen Faucet Aerator with Swivel and Flip Valve, Bathroom Faucet Aerator, Water Flow Meter Bag, Combination Pick of Switch/Outlet Gasket Insulators, Teflon Tape Use for Installing the Showerhead/Faucet Aerator, Hot Water Gauge Card, Duke Energy Labeled DOE Energy Savers Booklet, Duke Energy Supplied Product Information Sheet, and Glow Ring Toy

*Request your free energy kits in one of three ways:
1)  Go to
2)  Call 1-855-986-9548
3)  Mail in the postage-paid request form. 

When our school requests a minimum of 75 Energy Efficiency Kits, TMS will receive Educational supplies valued at $200.  Additionally, our school will be entered into a drawing for $10,000!!

English Classes
We are excited to announce the beginning of English classes - for non-English speaking parents beginning, Wednesday, November 10 from 10:00 - 11:15 a.m. Classes will meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week.  Please call Tomasa Quiles at 864-355-4506 if you are interested in more information.

Parents-We Need You!!!!!
You can help make a difference!  Any time or input that you have to offer is of value. Please start thinking how you can support your child's school!