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Emailing Your Teachers

Emailing Your TeachersSince we do not see each other daily, emailing is a very important form of communication.  Odysseyware has a message feature built in that allows you to communicate promptly with teachers.  As such, there is a way to make our email communication most successful and productive.

Example Email:

Email Header: Last name, First name- SDP location - Course - Unit - Request

Example: Kennedy, Daisy- Enoree - English 1 - Unit 1.1 - Reset

Hello Ms. Sunshine,

I am Daisy Kennedy from Enoree, and I am in English 1 Unit 1.1. I need a reset for this lesson. I also have questions about my quiz. Can you help me understand question #2? I missed this question and wanted to make sure I understand the topic before I retake the assessment.

Daisy Kennedy

Getting Started in ODYSSEYWARE

Please access your Odysseyware account by opening your Google Chrome browser and using the following address:

Taking Quizzes and Tests

You get two chances on each lesson (you can look back in the lesson for the answers.)

You get two chances on each quiz (you can use any notes you take on your quiz.)

You get one attempt per test or exam (you can use any notes you take on your test or exam.)


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