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Emailing Your Teachers

Emailing Your TeachersSince we do not see each other daily, emailing is a very important form of communication.  Edgenuity has a message feature built in that allows you to communicate promptly with teachers.  As such, there is a way to make our email communication most successful and productive.

Example Email:

Email Header: Last name, First name- SDP location - Course - Unit - Request

Example: Kennedy, Daisy- Enoree - English 1 - Unit 1.1 - Reset

Hello Ms. Sunshine,

I am Daisy Kennedy from Enoree, and I am in English 1 Unit 1.1. I need a reset for this lesson. I also have questions about my quiz. Can you help me understand question #2? I missed this question and wanted to make sure I understand the topic before I retake the assessment.

Daisy Kennedy

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