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Summer Camp

If you’ve been to camp, you’re not surprised when you hear about the benefits of summer camp. Experiencing life at camp yourself as a child, you know the profound positive effects that still matter to you as an adult, and you also know that you want the same thing for your own kids; as well as our special needs kids.  Thursday our teaching staff was lucky enough to visit Camp Spearhead.  It was a wonderful experience and we opened communication with the camp and our school.  
More than just a camp… Camp Spearhead creates an environment of unconditional acceptance for youth (8yrs +) and adults with special needs and disabilities.  Camp Spearhead established in 1968 and located in northern Greenville county of South Carolina.  We all had a wonderful time and gained a new appreciation of Camp Spearhead.

Camp Spearhead

Members of the Washington Center staff recently participated in a professional development outing to learn more about Camp Spearhead, a program that provides weekend and summer camping opportunities for the Greenville County special needs students served at the school.  Read More

Bubble Trouble

Students in Mrs. Katherine Gantt’s Washington Center at Hollis class are studying the letters of the alphabet.  Recently the focus was the letter B.  Over the summer, Mrs. Gantt attended a week long science camp at Roper Mountain Science Center where she learned ways to teach science with children’s literature.  Read More

Jenn Bostic Comes to Washington Center

On Friday, October 3rd, Washington Center hosted music recording artist, Jenn Bostic and two members of her band, Ryan Harris Brown and Dustin Small in a concert at the school. Students enjoyed both preparing for the concert during their regularly scheduled music classes and actively participating during the concert by accompanying songs with small percussion instruments, dancing, waving stars, and wearing sunglasses.  Read More

2014 Challenge Day

Washington Center students, families, and staff recently celebrated the 22nd annual Challenge Day on the Bob Jones University campus.  Challenge Day is designated as the Special Olympics Developmental Games designed specifically for Washington Center's students.  Read More


About Us

Washington Center is a unique “one of a kind” facility. It is a separate school that serves students ages 3 to 21 with severe intellectual disabilities. Many of these students have concurrent challenges such as autism, blindness, deafness, or physical disabilities.

The school motto is “Those You Think Cannot …Can!”

Staff uses assistive technology and augmentative communication, multi-sensory rooms, and a mobility program that allows students in wheelchairs to move about school while learning about their environment.

When you visit the school you see students learning to walk as they move up and down the halls. Sometimes it appears that the halls have a “traffic jam” as students stop to use their non-oral communication techniques as they greet each other or a staff member by pointing to pictures or you may see them carrying along a communication device mounted on a walker. Actually it is quite exciting and fun as visitors tour our building. Each student has an Individual Education Plan and is taught using modifications to the State Curriculum Standards. Students are evaluated on the SC-Alt (Alternate Assessment) as directed by the "No Child Left Behind" mandate.

The focus of Washington Center is to provide opportunities for students to explore and develop independent functioning by addressing students’ individual needs. Through home, school and community involvement, we create an educational environment to maximize student success.