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School Messenger 12/12/2014

The Christmas spirit has definitely arrived here on campus and we are all having a great time with all the holiday activities.  This week several of our classes went downtown to see the Festival of Trees and especially to see the two trees decorated by Washington Center students.  See More

Staff Member for December

Congratulations to Ms. Gloria Munoz, staff member of the month for December and one of our “floating paraprofessionals”.  See More About Miss Gloria Munoz

Daily Living Makes Butter

Students in Sarah Ashworth’s Washington Center Daily Living class practiced the steps for making homemade butter.  The students performed skills such as measuring, pouring, straining, slicing, and spreading.  See More

Multi-Sensory Learning

Washington Center students learn best through sensory experiences.  By seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling, the concepts are more meaningful for students with special needs. Students in Amy Gosnell’s Washington Center @ Hollis classroom recently learned about the properties of fire during a lesson about community helpers and firemen.  See More

Children's Museum

An exciting day was had by Washington Center students at the Greenville Children’s Museum. The museum had a special day planned for all the students from Washington Center.  See More

About Us

Washington Center is a unique “one of a kind” facility. It is a separate school that serves students ages 3 to 21 with severe intellectual disabilities. Many of these students have concurrent challenges such as autism, blindness, deafness, or physical disabilities.

The school motto is “Those You Think Cannot …Can!”

Staff uses assistive technology and augmentative communication, multi-sensory rooms, and a mobility program that allows students in wheelchairs to move about school while learning about their environment.

When you visit the school you see students learning to walk as they move up and down the halls. Sometimes it appears that the halls have a “traffic jam” as students stop to use their non-oral communication techniques as they greet each other or a staff member by pointing to pictures or you may see them carrying along a communication device mounted on a walker. Actually it is quite exciting and fun as visitors tour our building. Each student has an Individual Education Plan and is taught using modifications to the State Curriculum Standards. Students are evaluated on the SC-Alt (Alternate Assessment) as directed by the "No Child Left Behind" mandate.

The focus of Washington Center is to provide opportunities for students to explore and develop independent functioning by addressing students’ individual needs. Through home, school and community involvement, we create an educational environment to maximize student success.