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What Is Your Child's Learning Style?

Knowing how your child learns is key to his or her success. The links below are resources to increase the likelihood that every child will be able to learn in a way that reduces frustration right away and ensures greater success in life.
  • Printable Left Brain/Right Brain Learning Survey
  • Printable Learner Survey
  • All Kinds of Minds provides programs, tools, and a common language
    for parents, educators, and clinicians to help students with
    differences in learning achieve success in the classroom and in
    "All Kinds of Minds enables a student (K-12), his parents, and his
    teachers to understand why he is having difficulty in school. As we
    see it, the key to helping a child is to identify his or her
    learning profile, a "map" which pinpoints the child's
    strengths and weaknesses in learning. Once this profile is created,
    All Kinds of Minds provides the language and tools for parents,
    educators, and clinicians to develop a concrete, practical action
    plan to help the child succeed."
  • Learning Styles Evaluation Page - People not only learn at different rates, but also in different ways. Some students want their teacher to write everything out on the board. Others prefer to listen. Some like to sit in small groups and discuss a question; others like to listen to a lecture, translating it into pictorial doodles in their notebook.
    This web site describes some ways people learn, and some tips to help each type of learner do so better. It also includes a test to determine your learning style. Once you understand your learning style, you may be able to adjust your approach to the classroom and your study habits for maximum benefit.
  • The Eight Styles of Learning
  • Learning Style Test for Your or Your Child - There are 80 questions, but it's important to know what types of activities help you or your child learn faster and more efficiently.
  • Helping Your Child Learn How To Learn - Knowing how your child learns is key to his success. This quiz is a fun way to get a feel for your child's style.
  • The Paragon Learning Style Inventory (PLSI) is a 48 item self-administered survey that provides a very reliable indication of learning style and cognitive preference. It uses the four Jungian dimensions (i.e, introversion/ extroversion, intuition/sensation, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving) that are also used by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Murphy Meisgeir Type Indicator, and the Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter, but this is the only instrument that can be self-scored and works with ages 9-adult.


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