Summer Academy Attendance Credit


In reviewing the credits for some of the sessions, we have noticed a few discrepancies. We are currently working on correcting the sessions and points.  Your patience is appreciated as we work through this.  Thank you so much for checking your attendance credit and making us aware of the issues. Please email any concerns or questions to  Please include your Employee ID # with any correspondence. 

How to Check Your Attendance Record
Greenville County Schools Employees and GCS Substitute Teachers
Your points for attending the session will be automatically loaded to your online account.   To check your points, please use the following directions:

  1. Navigate to from an Internet browser. The site works best using Google Chrome. [download Chrome]
  2. Enter your GCS network username and password.
  3. Click the “My Sessions” tab to view a list of all the sessions you have attended.

    1. You can click the “View” button beside each session number to see more information about the class.
    2. Credit is automatically assigned to you as renewal points. If you would like to change your points to exchange day credit, simply click on the “Edit” button beside the session, and place a checkmark in the “Exchange Day” box. Click the “Update” button twice in order to accept the changes you made.
    3. If you are missing a session that you attended, there is a link on this page that will enable you to send an email request to UTC.

The deadline for checking session attendance records is August 8.
  Changes to the record may not be made after this date.