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 Robert E. Cashion Elementary • 1500 Fork Shoals Road • Greenville, SC 29605 • (864)355-8000 Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Please refer to Greenville County School District's Inclement Weather Guidelines as we proceed through the year.


April 22: Reading All-Stars Game at the Greenville Drive.

April 23: Knighting ceremony K-2nd grades at 8:30 and 3rd-5th grades at 9:30

May 2: Crusin' for Cashion 6-8

May 28: EAFK Knighting Ceremony K-2nd @ 8:30
3rd-5th @ 9:30

May 29: Field Day

May 30: Field Day

Thursday, April 10th was the last day for the Good News Club for this year. Please plan accordingly.

Greenville DriveStudents are invited to attend the Reading All-Stars Greenville Drive game on April 22nd at 7pm.  Our school is receiving TWO big honors that night and we'd love to have a big cheering section!  Students in grades 3-5 received vouchers for free tickets for participating.  Extra tickets can be purchased through the Drive's box office.  We'd love to see lots of Cashion gear as we celebrate our kids' awesome reading skills!  Here's a form to order tshirts- turn them in to your child's teacher/PTA ASAP so we can get the order filled before the game!  See you at the ball field!

penny war Who do you want to dunk????
Starting Monday, April 21st. there will be a Penny War leading up to our Cruising for Cashion Event.  Bring in your pennies and drop them in the milk jug of the teacher you want to to participate in the dunk tank on the night of Cruising for Cashion.  The pennies will be weighed and the teachers with the most weight (in pennies) will be in the dunk tanks on the night of May 2nd.  So, collect those pennies during Spring Break and let's get your favorite teacher dunked!

Talent Show Who has talent? We have talent! The students at Robert E. Cashion Elementary displayed a wide range of incredible talent! More...

mathCongratulations to Robert E. Cashion! One million math problems were solved by REC students in our first year using the First in Math program! WOW! What an accomplishment!

The winner of the class attendance competition is Mrs. Martin's class! Congratulations!

Congratulations to third-grader, Nicholas, who will appear in Woodmont High School's production of The Wizard of Oz!

booksRobert E. Cashion's bookfair is here! Please click to find out more information.

Crusin' for Cashion
Cruising for Cashion.....Friday, May 2nd

We are looking for unique cars and 4X4's.  If you would like to participate please contact us at recashionpta@gmail.com We are looking forward to this spring event.  Lots of fun and cool stuff to do!

Help Us Recycle & Earn!

Please participate in raising money for our school through recycling.  We can earn supplies, equipment and even cash by simply collection the following items:
Glue sticks, juice pouches, soup labels & box tops, ink cartridges, cell phones, MP3 players, GPS systems, digital cameras and other small electronics.  We have several recycling collection areas throughout the school including boxes for ink that are located in the Atrium.  If you have questions please email us at recashionpta@gmail.com  Happy Recycling!! 

Valentine's Day Candy Grams and cupcakes on Valentine's Day - Everyone celebrates! More...

Health and Safety Fair We had so many great vendors for our Health and Safety Fair. The snow couldn't keep us away! More...

Cookies and Math Cookies and Math? Ask Mrs. E. McCall's third graders if they can multiply! More...

boxtop cheerCongratulations 2nd Quarter Box Top Winners!!!
Ms. Graves 2nd Grade Class 1000 tops!
Mrs. M. McCall's 5th Grade's Class 672 tops!
Ms. Cook's K5 Class 592 tops!
These classes will receive a treat during their lunch and the teachers treated to a duty free lunch.  Keep sending your tops in, its a great way to help support our school.  Thanks you to all that have participated!

Tournament of Champions The Rotary Club hosted the Early Act First Knight Tournament of Champions at Robert E. Cashion. More...

mathThe team of the week for First in Math is Mrs. Spence's class!
The top teams by grade level are: Mrs. Cook's Kindergarten, Mrs. Bagwell's first grade, Mrs. Spence's second grade, Mrs. Lieberman's third grade, Mrs. Martin's fourth grade, Miss Walker's fifth grade.
The top player is Brionna from Mrs. Lieberman's class!
Congratulations and keep thinking!

pencil boy The Homework Help Center is now open Tuesday through Friday mornings from 7:15-7:45 in the Cashion Cafe. If you have not completed your homework when you come to school, be sure to check into the Homework Help Center.

Click here for 2013-2014 School Supply Lists

REC received an "A" grade on the 2012-13 ESEA federal accountability grading!

silver award Robert E. Cashion received the Palmetto Silver Award for Closing the Gap!

lightbulbCongratulations:  Robert E. Cashion Elementary has (for the second year)  been recognized by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency as being an Energy Star rated facility.  The Energy Star label is awarded when a building has documented superior energy performance with measurable results on the energy it consumes. 

Our school report card has been released. For more information, click here.

Robert E. Cashion won the prestigious "Red Carpet" Award! More...

Extended Day Program Director: Mrs. Campbell-Cook
Telephone: 355-8070
Click here for Extended Day information

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2013-14 Course Catalogs for the middle schools into which our school feeds:
Hughes Academy: Rising 6th Graders
Beck Academy: Rising 6th Graders
Woodmont Middle: Rising 6th Graders
Course Catalogs for all Greenville County Schools

The mission of Robert E. Cashion Elementary School is to prepare students to become competent and responsible individuals.

Winning the Webmaster's Choice Award is highly competitive. It is in recognition of the professional design and content of our school web site. The award is presented to web sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of professional recognition by Greenville County Schools.  Congratulations to Robert E. Cashion for winning this prestigious award!

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