Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Please use only the following links for the 2014-2015 school supplies. The other links in the web site are not correct.

Kindergarten Supply List

First Grade Supply List

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First in Math
The team of the week for First in Math is Ms. Lieberman's class! The top teams by grade level are: Mrs. Cook's Kindergarten, Mrs. Bagwell's first grade, Miss Graves' second grade, Mrs. Lieberman's third grade, Mrs. Wham's fourth grade, Miss Walker's fifth grade. The top player is Brionna from Mrs. Lieberman's class! Congratulations and keep thinking!

First in Math
One million math problems were solved by REC students in our first year using the First in Math program! WOW! What an accomplishment! 

Help Us Recycle & Earn!
Please participate in raising money for our school through recycling. We can earn supplies, equipment and even cash by simply collection the following items: Glue sticks, juice pouches, soup labels & box tops, ink cartridges, cell phones, MP3 players, GPS systems, digital cameras and other small electronics. We have several recycling collection areas throughout the school including boxes for ink that are located in the Atrium. If you have questions please email us at Happy Recycling!!

Robert E. Cashion Elementary has (for the second year) been recognized by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency as being an Energy Star rated facility. The Energy Star label is awarded when a building has documented superior energy performance with measurable results on the energy it consumes.