Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Honoring All Those Who Have Served!
Please join us as we celebrate you... Tuesday November 11 at 8:30am in the cafeteria at Bell's Crossing Elementary School. Please let your child's teacher know that you are coming. Thank you for all you do!

GCSD Ebola Preparedness Message
We want to share with you that, in an abundance of caution, our district has developed a plan to address concerns about the possible spread in the United States of Ebola, a virus that has created significant world- wide concerns. We have gathered information from the Center for Disease Control, Department of Health and Environmental Control, and other sources to help make our schools as safe as possible. While no active cases of the Ebola virus have been reported in our state or across our region, it is wise to be proactive in this important matter.

Beginning next week, parents of new enrollees to our school district will be asked a series of questions which are designed to determine whether or not the student has significant risk factors. Any student identified through this screening process will not be enrolled pending a medical clearance. The intent, of course, is to protect our students and employees to the greatest extent possible.

Additionally, the district has an important request to make of parents. If your family or your child travels to any area known to currently be impacted by the Ebola virus, would you please let your school’s principal know the location and dates of that travel? Again, we simply want to be proactive in this matter.

Good communication, factual knowledge about the Ebola virus and common sense will serve us well as we all deal with this health concern. Greenville County Schools will continue to work to keep our schools as safe as possible for everyone involved in our system. We have posted a link on our district webpage to provide additional information on Ebola.

Thanks for your help and assistance in this matter and let your principal know if you have any questions.

Lights, Action, Related Arts Night!
In order to offer a meaningful experience in the fine arts, Bell's Crossing Elementary School Related Arts team would like to invite you to their "Night of Arts Integration" on Monday February 9 from 6:00-8:00pm. Students are invited to come dressed as their favorite Eric Carle Character. This is one not to miss. MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE.

Operation Shoe Box 2014
Bell's Crossing will be adopting a troop stationed overseas. We will help them celebrate Christmas with a school wide project; "Operation Shoe Box". It is out goal for every classroom to create one shoe box to send to our military men and women at Greenwood, South Carolina. This project will run from November 10th to December 14th. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

PTA Volunteer of the Month
Congratulations to APRIL SMITH our Volunteer of the month!!

Second Grade Testing
Second graders will be involved in achievement and ability testing the next two weeks. The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) will be administered October 22-24. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) will be administered October 28-30. These tests are nationally normed. They will compare your child to other children of similar age and grade level across the nation. These tests are indicators of student performance, but like any test, they should not be used as a sole source for making school decisions. Standardized tests like the ITBS and CogAT do provide valuable national comparisons for student performance. These tests will also be used as the first opportunity for your child to qualify for the challenge program which starts in third grade.
  Testing will begin at 8:30 A.M. each day. To provide the quietest and best testing environment for the children, we ask that parents wait until testing is over each day before coming to volunteer on the second grade hallway. Please contact the school during testing to see if testing is completed for the day before arriving at school.
  To ensure that the students perform to the best of their ability, the following is recommended:

  • See that your child gets plenty of rest on the nights before these tests.
  • Make sure your child eats a nourishing breakfast on the mornings of these tests.
  • Make every effort to have your child in school on the days of these tests. We have a very limited makeup schedule this year, and it is important that your child take all of the subtests in order for us to have a complete score. Makeups will be given on the day students return to school.
  • Have your child here on time each day. Although testing will not begin each day until 8:30 A.M., there are many things the teachers and students will have to do each morning before testing begins.
  • Make sure your child wears comfortable clothing and leaves watches and other items that may be distracting at home.
2nd  Grade Testing Schedule
October 22 – CogAt
October 23 – CogAT
October 24 – Make Up
October 28 – ITBS Reading
October 29-ITBS Math
October 30-Make up

Entertainment Books
The fifth grade is selling attractions coupon books for $20 to help pay for their big Barrier Island field trip. If you would like to support them, you can contact a fifth grade student or the front office. The sale ends October 27th.

Bully Prevention Month
October is national Bully Prevention Month. Bell's Crossing has several events and days set aside to recognize the importance of being an anti-bullying school.
4th Grade Girls Night Out - October 14 6pm @ Bell's Crossing
4th Grade Boys Night Out - October 21 6pm @ Bell's Crossing
Wear Blue to School Day - to represent anti-bullying - October 24
Be a Superhero, Stand Up to Bullying! Wear superhero T shirts (please no costumes!) - October 31

Parent Conferences
October marks the month for our teachers to conference with our parents. This is an excellent time for teachers to share how your child is performing in that particular grade level and the plan for the school year. It is also time for the parent to share with us any of their thoughts and questions about the curriculum. Our goal is for every teacher to have a face to face conference with their students' parents or guardians. Please make every attempt to meet with your child's teacher. Thank you for your involvement in your child's education.

Superhero Day! Friday, October 31st
"Be A Superhero, Stand Up to Bullying!"  October is Bullying Prevention Month. Students and staff will be wearing Superhero T-Shirts to school that day to recognize the Superheroes in all of us. Making Bell's Crossing a Bully Free School! (NO costumes please)

Please make every effort to have your child in school by 8 am. This is the start of our school day. Students who arrive after 8 am are marked tardy. Five tardies in a quarter will result in the student NOT receiving perfect attendance. If students are not in school for at least 3 hours a day, they will not receive credit for attendance that day. If you have any questions, please contact our attendance clerk at 355-3800.

Yearbook Photographs
Please click on the link to upload and submit your photographs for our yearbook. Thank you! enter the password team2015.

Parent Portal
Parent Portal passwords are now available in the front office. If you have already set up a Parent Portal, you do not need this password! To obtain this password, a parent or legal guardian must come to the front office with a picture ID. We highly recommend you create Parent Portal for your children as this is a great way to keep up with lunch balances, attendance, and grades. You can also change name, address, and phone number information on this site. All Parent Portals can be consolidated into one account.  If you have a Parent Portal but have forgotten your password/user name, you will need to bring your ID to the front office. Thank you.

Personalized School Announcements
The PTA is now offering personalized messages on the electronic sign in front of the school including birthday messages and congratulations messages. All announcements are due by the 15th of the previous month (so January birthdays are due by December 15). No late announcements can be accepted. CLICK HERE to download the form and to see more information.