Garden Grant

May 12, 2016

It's Done!  Finally the last stage of our "Cultivating Calm" garden is complete!  We would like to send a big THANK YOU to Lowe's for helping us complete this project with their amazing Tool Box grant.  We could not have done it without them.  We would also like to thank Holly Bloss Owings from Earth Design, Inc for providing her time and knowledge to create an amazing garden plan and teaching our students about landscape architecture.  And thank you to Brian Hendricks for volunteering his time to help us get the plants in the ground!  We are so excited to watch this garden grow and see how much it helps soothe our children with sensory issues and calm the ones with out! "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." -Audrey Hepburn


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Updated: 10/29/2013

Fall Garden Planting 

West Greenville School started the month of October off with time in the garden.  Dying summer plants were removed, and the soil was turned with organic matter added.  Reece Lyerly, from Gardening for Good, was our special guest gardener.  Reece worked with the students educating them on planting, caring for and harvesting Fall crops.  A variety of vegetables were planted—cabbage, collards, lettuce, garlic, broccoli, and cauliflower, as well as carrot and beet seeds.  We even threw pansies in for extra color.  Surprisingly, our students learned that pansies are edible! 

As the weather is cooling, Mrs. Easterling and Mrs. Jackson have lesson plans organized to coincide with the Fall growing season.  Extending the educational experience, there may be a “scientific experiment” planned with some of our plants. 

Click here for our Fall Garden Planting photos.

Spring Garden Planting 

In December 2012, West Greenville School received a grant from the Piedmont Health Foundation.   In support of their efforts to curb childhood obesity, West Greenville received support to start garden boxes this spring.  Work began in February 2013 with the delivery of railroad ties generously donated by Greenville & Western Railway Company.  We ended the month with 75% of the garden box frames being in place.

As March has gotten underway, the garden box frames have been put into place and each box assigned to a homeroom/program.  Mrs. Easterling’s science classes began planning the layout of the beds, as well as planting seeds to germinate indoors and assessing for appropriate planting times.  Mrs. Jackson’s class has been learning about foods eaten in other countries with a relevant dish being cooked and tasted on Fridays in the Life Skills Room.  Her students have been given the opportunity to see, smell or taste the individual ingredients, learn how they are grown and where they come from. Click this link to see photos of our progress. 

In the next few weeks, if you come by the school, you will see weekly changes in our garden boxes.  Soon dirt will fill the boxes, green plants will be sprouting from the dirt and you may see a garden hose or two stretched out across the grass.  If you pass by on a Friday, chances are you will see our students out working in their garden boxes.  We are excited to get this grant project underway and look forward to our first crop of vegetables. 

Click here to watch our garden grow!