Check It Out!

The mission of the WMS Media Center is to foster a learning community that encourages students to love reading and teaches them how to effectively use information resources.

Checkout Policies

Students may check out 3 books at a time and keep them for up to two weeks.

Books that are not on hold for another student may be renewed once.

Overdue fines are charged at 5 cents per day (excluding weekends and school holidays).  Students are responsible for any fines they incur during the school year.  Fines should be paid promptly. Once a fine reaches $1.00, a student may not check out again until the fine is paid.  The maximum amount of a fine is capped at $3.00 per book or the cost of the book.

Books and materials on reserve, as well as Reference materials, may be checked out for overnight use only and must returned by 8:30 a.m. the following day.

Students should not check out books or materials for another student. 

Books are the responsibility of the student who checked them out and should be treated with care and respect. 

If a student damages or loses a book, he is responsible for any fees incurred to cover the cost of replacing the book.  The student should contact the media center staff as soon as possible to determine the cost of the book and to make arrangements for paying it.