School Improvement Council


Phillip Yates, Chairperson -

Mission Statement

We are here to work cooperatively for the betterment of our school.  We believe that all children are capable of learning.  We are committed through sensitive, compassionate understanding to provide an atmosphere that encourages students to develop to their full potential.


The name of the organization will be the Woodmont High School Improvement Council.

Article 2 - PURPOSE

The purpose of the Woodmont High School Improvement Council will be to:

(1) Assist in the development, implementation and evaluation of the five-year school improvement plan (also known as the school renewal plan or strategic plan).

(2) Assist in the preparation of yearly plan updates;

(3) Write the annual Report to Parents, which provides information on the school’s progress in meeting school and district goals and objectives, due for distribution by April 30;

(4) In conjunction with the principal, prepare the annual 425-word narrative for the School Report Card,

(5) Provide advice on the use of school incentive award expenditures (if allocated by the legislature and awarded to the school);

(6) Participate in the revision of the School Improvement Plan if the school is rated unsatisfactory on the School Report Card;

(7) Serve as liaison between the school, school organizations, the community and the local school board by collecting and disseminating pertinent information; and

(8) Provide other assistance that the principal may request as well as carrying out any other duties prescribed by the local school board.

The council will not have the powers and duties reserved by law or regulation to the local school board.

(9) In carrying out these responsibilities, council members are expected to:

  1. collect information about conditions of the school;
  2. review data on achievement tests, school attendance and accreditation ratings;
  3. interpret and analyze information collected;
  4. set up task groups to address school-wide issues;
  5. review task group reports;
  6. monitor implementation of planned activities;
  7. make reports to staff, district office, school board, parents and community; and
  8. evaluate achievements.

(10) Council members are also expected to:

  1. attend council meetings regularly;
  2. act as a link between the council and staff, students, parents, and community;
  3. contribute to the group and help members function as a team; and
  4. assume various roles on the council to assure that proposed objectives are achieved.


The membership of the School Improvement Council shall include but is not limited to:

(1)At least three parents will be elected by the parents.

(2)At least three teachers will be elected by the teachers.

(3) At least  one representatives from the greater school community will be appointed by the principal. The appointments will be made from the non-parent portion of the community with attention to the representation on the council in terms of race, sex, geography, grade level representation, or other variables important to the school.

(4) A ratio of two-thirds elected members to one-third appointed members will be maintained as mandated by state law, excluding ex-officio membership.

(5) The principal will serve as an ex-officio member of the council. At least three additional ex-officio members will serve on the council including, but not limited to, to following positions: the president of the parent teacher organization, the immediate past chairperson of the School Improvement Council, the Teacher of the Year, and a business partner. If the leadership of any of the named organizations or positions is unable to serve, an appropriate representative will be named by the organization sending the representative.

(6) All members will have one vote. Absentee ballots or proxy voting will not be permitted.


Elections will be held no later than May 1 of each year, and council members will assume their responsibilities immediately. The principal will make appointments to the council in consultation with the elected members by September 30 for the current school year and/or as needed to maintain a balance of elected to appointed members.

Information about the upcoming election of parent representatives will be printed in the school newsletter and other means of communication as needed. Nominees will be asked to attend the spring parent teacher organization meeting where they will be introduced as candidates.

A ballot will be available to all parents/guardians of every student at the spring parent teacher organization meeting. Ballot boxes will be available the day following the meeting for use by parents who were unable to attend the meeting. Ballots will be counted by the outgoing SIC members and retained at the school for one year by the council secretary.

Teacher representatives to the council will be elected by the faculty during a regularly scheduled faculty meeting prior to the end of the school year.

The names and addresses of all council members will be forwarded to the school district’s SIC contact within 30 days following the elections.

The names and contact information of all council members will be published in the school newsletter as soon as possible after the election. The names and contact information of appointed members will be published in the newsletter as soon as possible after the appointments are made.

Article 5 - TENURE

All elected and appointed members of the council will serve 2-year terms. The terms are to be staggered. Ex-officio members will serve by virtue of the office they hold which is designated to be on the council.

No limit will be set on the number of terms a member may serve.

The council may establish committees made up of teachers, parents, business leaders, and other citizens to study specific issues and make recommendations to the council. These committees will not be permanent and will have no responsibilities beyond those outlined by the council when established.

Elected Membership on the council will terminate when a member:

(1) No longer has a child enrolled in the school;

(2) No longer holds a teaching position at the school;

(3) Has missed four consecutive scheduled meetings without proper notice to the chairperson;

(4) Submits a letter of resignation to the chairperson; or

(5) Is elected to the district school board.

In the event of any of the above situations, the chairperson will appoint, in the case of an elected member, the person with the next highest number of votes in the most recent election. In the case of an appointed member, the principal will select a replacement. In both situations the replacement will finish the term of the person being replaced.

Article 6 - OFFICERS

The officers of the Woodmont High School Improvement Council will consist of a chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary. The officers will be elected annually by the full council membership in the first council meeting of each academic year. At no time will these positions be held exclusively by teachers or exclusively by parents. Ex-officio members are not eligible to be officers of the council nor to vote for the SIC officers.


The chairperson will preside at all meetings and have general supervision of the activities of the council. The chairperson will work with the principal in planning and directing the activities of the council including monitoring committee progress.

The chairperson, in consultation with the principal, will prepare an agenda for all council meetings and ensure that the agenda will be sent to all council members at least one week prior to the meeting. The chairperson retains the right to modify the agenda if it is determined to be in the best interest of the council and direct the pace of the meeting as best accomplishes the agenda. The chairperson will appoint temporary or standing committees as needed and serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.

The vice chairperson will exercise all functions in the absence of the chairperson and assist the chairperson as needed. The vice-chairperson will serve as chair of one of the standing committees, selected in collaboration with the chairperson.

The secretary is responsible for:

(1) Keeping a full and accurate account of the proceedings and actions of all council meetings (minutes) and ensuring that each council member receives this information in a timely fashion following each meeting;

(2) Preparing any official correspondence that the chairperson may request;

(3) Assisting in maintaining a council file in the school's administrative offices containing copies of all minutes, council correspondence, the annual school improvement report, the report to the parents, and the current council by-laws.

(4) Maintaining a listing of council membership with current telephone numbers, addresses and (if available) e-mail addresses.

Article 8 - MEETINGS

The meeting calendar for the academic year will be determined annually at the initial meeting of the newly elected council. The council will hold at least eight regular meetings during the calendar year. The dates and times of the meetings will be set up by the Principal and SIC Chair Person. Special meetings may be called by the chairperson or the principal as long as all council members are notified of the meeting at least 24 hours in advance. Committee meetings will be called as needed with at least one week’s notice.

The first council meeting of the academic year will be held no later than September 30.

All council meetings are open to the public and anyone showing an interest in the council and its activities will be encouraged to attend. Persons interested in presenting at a council meeting may request to be put on the agenda no later than 7 days before the meeting date. The chairperson will time the agenda to ensure that council business is properly conducted and that persons scheduled to speak will have the opportunity to do so. The chairperson has the option to schedule a segment of the agenda for open comments from the public as needed and as time permits.

At meetings, the principal or designee will be scheduled on the agenda to share information on school activities, successes and concerns. Committees will provide reports as scheduled.

Article 9 - VOTING

Whenever possible, council decisions should be made by consensus. If voting becomes necessary, a simple majority will be sufficient for a vote on any issue. A simple majority of the council membership will constitute a quorum if at least one parent and one teacher representative are present.

Article 10 - TRAINING

An orientation session will be held annually for all council members that includes information about council roles, responsibilities, and functions as well as information on school and local district policies and procedures. Council members will be encouraged to attend school improvement council training workshops sponsored by the district office and the South Carolina School Improvement Council (SC-SIC) of the University of South Carolina's College of Education.

Article 11 - AMENDMENTS

These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the council by a two-thirds vote of those present provided that the specific amendments have been introduced at a prior meeting, included in the minutes of that meeting, and are listed on the agenda for the current meeting.