Student Parking

Only students who have taken the Alive at 25 class may apply for a parking permit at Woodmont. For a list of upcoming classes, visit the Alive @ 25 website.

Alive @ 25

Students must have a WHS parking permit in order to park on campus.  This covers EVERYWHERE on campus.  Any student not parking in their assigned spot and/or parking on campus without a valid permit may be subject to being booted, fined, and/or towed.  Also, ANY vehicle parked in a handicapped parking space without a proper permit will be ticketed with a minimum fine of $500.

Students must have a parking pass by September 1st. Students will no longer be allowed to park in the lower football parking lot as of September 5th. Students can still get parking passes throughout the year as long as they fulfill the requirements of Woodmont High School. Students parking in the lower lot after September 5th will face school consequences.

Detailed Parking Information

Parking Application