Guidelines for School Volunteers and Visitors

We value the positive impact of community volunteers and are grateful when parents and visitors are interested in supporting our schools. However, we have specific protocols which all prospective volunteers must follow.

All interested volunteers are required to complete the GCS Volunteer application process which includes a National Sex Registry check and may include a criminal background check. Anyone who is interested in volunteering is encouraged to complete the following application.

Download GCS Volunteer Application (PDF)

For more details, visit the GCS Volunteer site.

We have a new volunteer tracking method which will assist the school and the PTSA in accurately accounting for the thousands of volunteer hours which are so generously contributed each year.  Additionally, the accurate tracking of these hours will have a direct impact for improvements to our facilities through a grant administered by the District and guaranteed by the PTSA.  For this reason it is doubly important to log into the system each and every time you serve as a volunteer. On behalf of our students, parents, teachers and community please accept our sincerest thanks for all you do to support our outstanding school.

Volunteer Tracker