Code of Conduct

Students in Greenville County Schools, like members of any community, have both rights and responsibilities. The School District must protect those rights and insist upon those responsibilities. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that all students understand their rights and responsibilities, as well as the procedures for dealing with any violations. In addition, this Code of Conduct identifies classifications of violations and standard disciplinary actions and procedures. It is expected that all teachers and administrators will faithfully enforce the Code of Conduct and abide by its intent and spirit and that parents will support the efforts of the school to provide a safe learning environment. Greenville County Schools will make every reasonable effort to keep students within the school’s sphere of influence; suspension and/or expulsion will be used only as a last resort. Nevertheless, any student conduct that disrupts class work, brings disorder to the school, or infringes upon the rights or safety of others is a basis for intervention, suspension, and/or expulsion of students. In addition to this booklet, there may be some conduct policy variations from school to school. Some schools may issue additional guidelines for student behavior.